Friday, May 11, 2012

Review - Torment by Lindsay Anne Kendal

4.5 Stars

Keira has been through Hell, literally..... But now she’s back, and stronger than ever!

In this second gripping installment of the Bloodlines trilogy Keira and her friends – Lily, Lucian, Tyler, Jake and Danny – continue to try and understand their elemental powers, and protect themselves from their enemies, whose ultimate goal is to destroy them.

This time, the stakes are higher – what seems to be a demon rebellion has broken out in hell and the Earth is plunged into chaos. Their problem is, no one – not even Lucifer himself – knows who the rebel leader is. It seems only Keira, her frightened but determined friends, and a new ally – a demon named Eligos - can find out who this person or thing is, why they are suddenly causing so much bloodshed, pain and upset for everyone, and destroy them.

Bloody awesome battles, amazing feats of magic, and a stronger-than-death passion, make for an intoxicating, unforgettable read in this powerfully imagined fantasy...

This is book two in this series. To see my review of the first book Bloodlines click HERE. Torment picks up right where Bloodline left off and you are pulled right back into Keira's crazy world. I think I enjoyed this book even more than the first. The excitement is in full swing as we already know the characters. I don't have too much to say about this book. The author has created such an amazing world that will really have you question you perception of heaven, hell, angels and demons.

I don't want to give anything away with about this review, but if you have any kind of interest in the paranormal/supernatural you will enjoy this book. I can't wait for the next installment. Kendal has left us with one heck of a cliff hanger at the end, the kind that TV shows leave you with at during a season finally. Kendal also has an amazing talent that helps the reader visualize her world. You can see the story play out as you read and want more with every turn of the page. 

Kendal's books can be purchased most places books are sold. And don't forget to check out other books by the same author. I plan on starting her other series soon.   

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