Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Change your thoughts, Change your life

Change your thoughts, Change your life is a phrase that is very popular in the self help community. The power of positive thinking, Law of Attraction, or anything else to improve your mindfulness states this. After spending the month of November being grateful and watching my thoughts, I have to agree. Changing your thoughts can change your life. 

Now I'm not saying that if you think about being a millionaire, it's going to happen...I'm still waiting. What I am saying is changing your thoughts to be more positive, more grateful will change your attitude. You will appreciate the little things in life more, you won't let the crap get to you. Changing your thoughts can improve your personal, professional and any part of your life you want. In the last month, my mood has improved, my motivation has improved, happiness, energy and even health. Don't get me wrong, I still have bad or down days, moments, whatever, but I do my best to change those feelings into something good. 

When you are happier, more positive, you also become ore productive, you have more confidence in yourself. You work harder, play harder and love harder. To me this is the real secret. You change your thoughts and you change your life, you want more, you realize you deserve more and you are willing to move forward in life to achieve this. 

Every morning when I wake up, before checking emails, Facebook, while I make make coffee I listen to morning motivation on YouTube. So far the one that spoke the most to me was Believe Nation -Oprah's top 10. 

Every night when I'm ready for bed, I listen to a guided meditation. This helps me relax, reflect on the good of the day and bring forth my dreams for tomorrow. 

I challenge all of you to try this, start with a week. Show gratitude everyday, be grateful for the air you breath, the water you drink, the food on your table, the people in your life. What ever you want to be grateful for, do it, say it, believe it. You will change your life. 



Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I'll have to see

I've been very open about having an autoimmune disease and what changes I've had to make to my life. One of the biggest things is I can't make commitments. I hate letting others down. So I had to give up my position with the volunteer committee I was a board member of, and always say I'll have to see when ask to do anything.
Last year I participated in an amazing Halloween event for seniors and adults with disabilities. Something I'm very passionate about. I was undergoing treatment for a flare, still trying to figure out what was wrong with me. It was difficult but I did what I could. When asked this year, I said "I'll have to see." Leading up to the event I was confident I'd show up and surprise the organizers, ready to volunteer. Unfortunately I had another flare, a bad one. I'm actually writing this from bed, where I've spent most of the day. Unable to move because of pain, swelling, weakness and more.
On Thursday my new book, The Climb is releasing. I decided to have a book release party, both on line and at my home. Well o had a young family staying with me for the past six weeks. They just got possession of their condo today. I need to do a little extra cleaning. I haven't had a toddler around in many years, fingerprints and sticky doorknobs come with the territory. I need to prepare for a wine and cheese party, organize door prizes, online prizes, author take overs and still market my book on release day. Yet here I am bedridden and feeling as if I took on more than I can handle.
This right here is the biggest effect that autoimmune disease has had on my life. I'll have to see. I invited another autoimmune warrior to my party, she said "I'll have to see".  I want everyone to understand that we do want to participate, we do want to come out, have you over, volunteer and even work. This isn't always possible and we aren't making excuses. We do love you and want to see you, we just can't always. This is why I don't make commitments anymore.
I'm excited for my release party, bit also stressed because I don't know if it will be as perfect as I'd like, because I have a disease that dictates how my day will go. If you know someone that also uses the catch phrase "I'll have to see", give then a gentle hugs and your understanding, that's all they really want.


Change your thoughts, Change your life

Change your thoughts, Change your life is a phrase that is very popular in the self help community. The power of positive thinking, Law of A...