Monday, August 15, 2011

The Embrace Experience

Here is the blog tour dates and links for THE EMBRACE EXPERIENCE. I really hope I got all the bloggers links correct but if I didn't, sorry bloggers and please send me a message with the correct link. I will also have all the links added under the link tab soon as well as dates posted on the calender. Thank you again to EXPERIENCE TOURS and all the great bloggers participating. I am so excited!

Sept. 1: Guest Post & Giveaway @ After The Book
Sept. 2: Review (Immortal Embrace) & Guest Post @ StephLikesBooks
Sept. 3: Review (Forbidden Embrace) & Giveaway @ SeeitORreadit
Sept. 4: Review (Immortal Embrace) & Guest Post @ Librarian Mouse
Sept. 5: Review (Forbidden Embrace) & Giveaway @ Librarian Mouse
Sept.6: Author Interview @ Librarian Mouse
Sept. 7: Author Interview @ After The Book
Sept. 8: Review (ImmortaL Embrace) & Author Interview @ Much loved Books
Sept. 9: Review (Forbidden Embrace) @ Much Loved Books
Sept. 10: Character Interview & Book Excerpt @ SeeitORreadit
Sept. 11: Review (Immortal Embrace) @ Books Like Breathing
Sept. 12: Review (Immortal Embrace) @ Livin' Life Through Books
Sept. 13: Review (Forbidden Embrace) @ Livin' Life Through Books
Sept. 14: Review (Forbidden Embrace) & Guest Post @ Books Like Breathing


  1. We are excited to be one of your hosts. We are getting ready for a great time!

  2. yup i think you got it right! lol can't wait...I'm thinking of creating a TEAM NATE button lol ;)


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