Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm a Work in Progress and Publishing Advice

Sitting here today (yes a day late on my blog) I wondered what I would post about and honestly I still have no clue. I can't imagine how some of these wonderful bloggers do this daily. I can't even manage to do mine weekly.

I thought maybe I could do some book recommendations, or talk about what's been going on with me, but that can get kinda dull week after week. What about book tow that I'm still working on, even though I had hoped to finish this past weekend. Well not much to tell there, I still need about five thousand words before I send it off.

So why not talk about what we all go through trying to get published. I have had several messages in the past week asking me about publishing and agents and all the goods. I am very honored that other writers are looking to me for advice, after all I am so new to the game, I'm still worried about getting benched. Hey we all go through that though, so why don't we get a little discussion going on publishing.

As I have told those contacting me, I tried for a while to get an agent with no avail. After all every writer wants a great agent and to be signed with one of the big six publishers. getting a huge advance and an influx of advertising and promo. Well lets face it that doesn't happen for everyone and even getting an agent doesn't mean you get the BIG deal. There's tons of small and new publishers out there that will work their butt of for the author and maybe even do a better job than the big ones who shove you to the waste side because JK Rowling or Dan Brown has written another blockbuster.

Now don't get me wrong I am all for the BIG six, and yes I would still love one of those deals. It just hasn't happened for me YET. I have a great publisher who works all kinds of hours to help me and the other authors she has signed and I could not be happier. I think she is doing a great job for me and my books and she will continue to do so for me.

You maybe wondering if I have given up on the dream, and the answer is no. I am living it. I am a published author, people are buying my books and enjoying them what more could I want. Well yes I do still want an agent (so if you are one....please contact) *wink, wink*. Do I still want a big publishing deal, heck ya. I would love my books to be fought over in auction and to make my publisher now and me very rich. Will any of this happen? The odds are against me, but I hold out hope just as any new or seasoned author should do.

Now for advice, well do your research. Search up agents, find out what they like, and learn how to write a kick-butt query. While you are doing this don't forget to look at some smaller publishers or even smaller agents. You might be surprised at what they can do for you. Also always be open to suggestions, when you get a rejection with tips, use them to make your story better and don't snap on the agent or publisher telling them it is their loss. They do talk to one another and this is no way to get a contract. As your mother always said...Mind your manners.

I hope this helps and I also hope some other published authors will leave their two cents in on the topic. I would also love to hear some agents and publishers thoughts. So lets get some chat going.

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