Monday, May 30, 2011

Guest Blog With Nova Sparks

Hey Guys,
Nova Sparks here, author of the DOME! I’m really excited about it and hope you guys get a chance to pick up an ebook copy on Kindle or Nook. Below is the synopsis:
What if you knew the exact date and time the world will end, what would you do? Sam Tucker was faced with that dilemma when he began getting visions of the Earth's demise. Luckily for him, he was able to save his family and as many people as he could before the tragic event occurred, and he did so with the help of unknown visitors. With Earth now destroyed, Sam, his family and thousands of other lucky survivors must live the rest of their lives on a faraway planet in a Dome that simulates life on Earth. But Sam's mind can't seem to rest as a few questions arise. Why did the aliens save them? How did they know about Earth's sure fate? And exactly what are they hiding?

Emma Tucker begged for an escape from her boring life but never in a million years did she think it would come at the destruction of Earth. Living on a new planet and finding it difficult to get rid of her rebellious habits, Emma finds herself making friends with a member of the alien race and it soon develops into an unexplainable love; a love that is more dangerous than she could ever imagine. While her father is searching for his own truths, she has no idea that she is stumbling on a truth of her own.

Told from the point of view of both Sam and Emma, author Nova Sparks takes readers on a journey to discover love, fate, faith, truth and the mystery of the DOME!
So there it is. I wrote a book about the aftermath of the end of the world. I find it sort of funny, especially now because it seems that we are experiencing the aftermath of the end of the world right now. Lol. Yup ladies and gentleman, according to that guy from that place the world ended on May 21st at 6:00pm. So doesn’t that mean we are technically in the year 0001? Some end of world that was, no earthquakes, no volcanic eruptions, no nothing.
Okay. All jokes aside, nothing happened on May 21st all day. I’m not going to lie. I actually was staring at the clock at 5:59 thinking this may be the time when one of those religion freaks are actually right. But he wasn’t and I’m happy about that. But what is the obsession with the end of the world? It is a really dangerous concept to play with. I feel really bad for all those people who gave up everything they own because they believed this guy. I do feel like he needs to watch his back from now on because he ruined a lot of people’s lives.
I’m not a religious person at all. I consider myself more spiritual than religious, but I do believe that no one will ever know the exact date and time the world will end, unless they are a psychic, and that I do believe in.
If people knew when the world was going to end, I honestly believe that there would be so much crime going on. Why follow the law if it’s all going to be over soon? So if you have a boss that’s really been getting on your last nerve who you’ve always said you would kill if you could get away with it, you may just kill your boss. There is no reason to live a righteous life anymore if you know the end is coming. It is a really dangerous thing to play with.
But out of all that, I understand why people would believe the end is coming soon. Look at the news. The wars, the natural disasters, weird weather, and the death of all those animals. That is a lot of stuff going on back to back. I find it disturbing that the news decides to stop reporting about certain things after a while. Why doesn’t anyone talk about all those cows, fishes, birds, and lizards that just died all at the same time a few months ago? That was so bugged out. What about the disappearance of the Honeybees? It is a cause for concern, but no one should start spreading the news that the world is going to end. Everything ends. We just have to make good with the time we have.
I feel like a hypocrite because I wrote about the end of the world. But really, the book is about the end of the world as we know it. It’s not so literal as it seems, although Earth is destroyed in the book.
I wonder how people would act if everyone knew and believed the world was really going to end this time. I wish I had a panic room to lock myself into because those final days will definitely be Hell on Earth.



  1. Perfect timing =) I kinda wish I had a panic room as well.

  2. Give it about 20 more years. It'll be a requirement in all homes.


  3. Can you imagine what things will be like in 20 years?

  4. 20 yrs tops we'll be walking around with oxygen masks because we destroyed the atmosphere.


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