Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Book Recomendation

August Book Recommendation 
My goals for my final year at university were:

1) Kick ass at my internship
2) Keep hiding from my family
3) Stop frying my phone battery by accident with my powers.
Then I walked into the first day of my internship at a hot indie record label to find that my old life had collided with my new one.

Five hot guys in a band called Phoenixcry, I’m supposed to manage them, and oh yeah, PS, they’re werewolves. I’ve left the magic world behind, but I’m still a witch and witches and werewolves don’t mix.

But doing the wrong thing was always my M.O., so now I’m out on the road with a band full of sexy, growly werewolves. But the magic world is one step behind us: there are hunters on our trail, and if they catch us the boys are dead and I’m back at home under lock and key.

Oh, one more thing, I think I’m falling in love with them. Not just one of them, all of them, and to make it super complicated, I think they feel the same way.

So I had to revise my goals for this year:

1) Kick ass at my internship
2) Don’t fall in love with the band
3) Stay alive
Sounds easy, right?


Meet Darcy Llewellyn, fourth year university student, music intern, and secretly a witch. This is the story about how she meets and falls in love with the werewolves that make up the band Phoenixcry: Finn Gunner, Elias Gunner, Charlie Gage, Wesley “Ace” Rivers, and Cash Legend.
This steamy Reverse Harem Romance is over 80,000 words in length, and is the first in a series about Darcy Llewellyn and her pack of werewolf lovers.
Simple Book Review 
This is the first reverse harem book I've read and I have to admit I loved it. Darcy is a relatable  character that is well written and well thought out.  The author KT Strange pulls us right into Darcy's life. We get to know the characters, we get to love them as we enter their world. Yes this is a 18+ novel, but it isn't over the top. It gets the blood flowing but doesn't use language or scenes that make you blush. The romantic components are well written and planned out.
If you like music, bands and want to learn what life on tour is like, this is a great book. KT Strange has first hand knowledge of the music industry making everything real and believable. Go inside and enjoy the life of a rock band as they find love.
I give Pheonixcry 5 stars.

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