What is Cocky Gate?

This has been interesting times for writers and readers alike. In April 2018, self published romance author Faleena Hopkins trademarked the word 'Cocky'. Yes you read that right, she trademarked a word. Now I have no issues with trademarking her brand, but to actually trademark a word. Like WTF? Believe it or not others have tried to trademark words such as 'Forever', but from my understanding have since removed it and apologized.

Now where this trademark becomes an issue, is that Faleena and her lawyers have made places like Amazon remove all titles that include the word 'Cocky'. This is affecting tons of authors past and present. Forcing them to change the title, and reformat their works, costing them hundreds of dollars. She has also started a lawsuit against a few indie authors. Many are now using the spelling ' Kah Key'. Now what many people don't know is that indie authors, well most authors don't make a ton of money. Authors write because…

Where have I been?

It's been a long and exciting 4 year break I took from writing. Yes life got in the way, I lost my drive for writing, my muse. Well I'm back and I'm sorry it's been so long. I've been receiving lots of emails and messages encouraging me to write more, to come back to what I love. Well I want to start by sharing the last 4 years with you.

So much has happened in such a short time. Here's a brief break down of my life the last little while. Near the beginning of my lets call it a sabbatical, my eldest daughter at the age of 15 moved to NYC on her own to attend Joffrey Ballet school. It was a dream come true for her, and for us. We were so proud. A few months later I went to work for the local school board as a special needs learning assistant. My nursing background help immensely with this rewarding and challenging job. This is where I really lost my drive to write. Working a full time job, taking care of the other two children and the household was enough for me…

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

What better way to bring me back to writing than a royal love story? I have been MIA from the writing world for about 5 years. Life took over, but I am back now. My first returning blog post is about the Royal Wedding. I have been a royal admirer my entire life, but the newest romance has sucked me in deep and I am officially obsessed. Why you may ask, well it's simple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are such an inspiration.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are both huge philanthropists in their own right. Long before ever meeting each half of this power couple had done amazing things to make this world a better place. Of course Harry is obligated to some point by duty, but no one made him create the Invictus games. He also continued with many of his late mothers charities. One of my favorite causes Harry is a part of is mental health. So many people are scared of mental health issue, they hide them, but the Royal family has been fantastic at bring a new light to the issue. Now Megh…

Embrace series - Mother's day GIVEAWAY

It's been a while, so what better time than mothers day to do a giveaway. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. I appreciate you all more than you ever could know. Thank you! <3

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Debbie Kump Giveaway

A few weeks ago Debbie Kump stopped by to talk books. Well she has also offered a giveaway. Debbie is giving away 2 ebook copies of her book 7G.  Make sure you enter and share this great giveaway and check out her post from earlier this month.

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Lindsay Anne Kendal: Huge Valentines Giveaway!

Lindsay Anne Kendal: Huge Valentines Giveaway!: Hey everyone. I wanted to try and do something really wicked for Valentines day, so I thought what better than a huge giveaway. Over the n...

Guest post by Author Debbie Kump

Black Moments in Fiction…and Life
I’m a big fan of black moments in fiction. But in real life…not so much. In literature, I love reaching that emotional climax when the protagonist’s future seems bleak, hoping that a minute chance for a HEA—or Happily Ever After—still remains. Yet when my own life takes a similar turn, I grow increasingly frustrated, doubting a personal HEA exists. Just as I prefer to write by plotting out the major scenes in outline form before delving into my next novel, I prefer to map out my future career plans and goals than to simply take things as they come. But unexpected twists in the road of life occasionally throw off my plans.            And lately, these black moments seem to be occurring with increasing regularity.
Nine years ago, I resigned from full-time teaching to stay home and raise our children. By teaching part-time in the evenings, I felt like I never truly left the classroom. Yet when my oldest son entered school, I abandoned the part-time gigs to …