Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Elissa Daye's blog tour - Excerpt from In Flames

The last few day's you have met and got to know Elissa, well now I get the privilege of sharing an excerpt from her book In Flames. Also don't forget to enter her giveaway at the end of this post. ENJOY....

Chapter 1
Outlands 1342
The Outlands was a favored stopping place for the soldiers of Blackwolf Keep. It was a
village filled with wanton women who had decided to live away from the rest of the world. The
soldiers were always eager to slake their lust within its walls. The wars that waged across the
countryside had almost diminished, making their visits to their favorite stopping point few and
far between but always treasured. When they arrived within the wooden gates, the women of the
village rushed toward their horses with their buxom chests and swaying hips. Everyone knew
that the night would be filled with sounds of passion.
Lord Aesov walked into the middle of town like he owned the place. After days of conquest
he was more than ready to find a warm body to relieve the tension from his aching body. The
Outlands was certainly the place for that. He had taken his pleasure with most of the women in
the village and today would certainly be no different. The women were lounging all around him,
but none of his usual conquests would quench his thirst today. That was until he spotted Bridget
from across the camp. Something about her distracted him from the swarm of beauties before
him. Perhaps it was the fiery hair that fought to escape from its ties, the way her chin jutted out
in defiance as he perused her body, or maybe even the way she tried to ward off the blush that
crept up her face. He had never seen her in the Outlands before. He would certainly have
remembered her. When he dismounted, he walked over to where the quiet woman stood. When
he reached out to take her hand, she pulled it away. He bowed low to her and let his eyes meet
hers slowly. “I’m Lord Aesov, leader of Blackwolf Keep. I am humbled by your beauty, my
“Humbled my arse,” she chided him.
“I’ve never seen you before. Are you new to Outlands?”
“What you mean to say is you’ve never ridden me before. I’m not a doxy and I do not tussle
for the mere sport of it, my lord.” She lowered her blue eyes away from his and turned away
from him.
“Aye. I can see that.”
From that moment on, Aesov made it a goal to stop in the Outlands as often as he could and
a slow courtship began. He had never been turned down before and his ego made him feel like a
stuffed porcupine; his prickles were always up whenever she was around. It took time and
perseverance on his part, not to mention spending time away from his husbandly duties at
Blackwolf Keep. His wife, Lilyana, had known better than to keep him on a tight leash. While it
would have been objectionable to most women, the riches she enjoyed made turning her back on
his dalliances easier to do.
When Bridget finally caved in to his demands, Aesov could not get enough of her. He had
stayed with her for weeks at a time hoping that soon his desire for her would be quenched. He
knew she was becoming attached to him, so he planned on breaking it off as soon as he had his
fill of her.
Aesov ran his warm hands all over the beautiful body before him, his desire for her so
unworldly he thought he would explode. She had been rather difficult to seduce away from her
naive notions that love was the only thing that separated them from the wild animals of the
forest. It had been hard to trick her, to make her believe that her feelings were returned, but
Aesov had been persistent. 


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