Saturday, August 27, 2011

WOW, life is crazy.

Well it has been awhile since I actually did a post. So much has been going on in my professional and personal life. I kinda feel like my head is going to spin right off. So what has been up you may be wondering?

Well professionally, everything! Book 2 Forbidden Embrace is out on Pre-release and launches on the 1st of September. I am also busy doing final prep for book 3 and my publisher has also requested a fourth book. So writing wise CRAZY! Now it has also be suggested that I start shopping the Embrace series for film options. I guess I gotta figure out what to do there...if you have any tips, please share (giggle). I have also been contacted by Chapters/Indigo in my city and they would like to schedule a book signing as soon as their order of Immortal Embrace hits the store. See all pretty exciting.

Now Personally...I have had some bad news in the past few weeks. My dad who has Leukemia has also recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma and began his chemo treatments. We are very hopeful for recovery. Also this week my five year old son went through some testing and will be needing surgery. It is nothing major, but nonetheless it is surgery, and he had complications after his last surgery. Of course as a mother I worry, but am staying positive. Now that is enough doom and gloom. Good news is after a week of auditions, my oldest daughter has made it into her performing group again. This is exciting because it is a full scholarship program and I am so proud of her.

Okay so Sunday August  28th is the final vote for best book. Immortal Embrace is going up against 2 other amazing books in the final show down. PLEASE, PLEASE remember  to vote for TEAM EMBRACE....AKA......IMMORTAL EMBRACE. Just click on the BIG RED POSTER BUTTON to the right to vote, you can't miss it (giggle). This is it and I am so nervous, but thank you all for your support and encouragement . You have helped bring me to the finals, and I love you all.OH and remember there's still lots of prizes to win.  Immortal Embrace is also on a goodreads poll for Fave YA vampire book, so make sure to check that our too.

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