Monday, August 1, 2011

August's Blow Out Summer Blog Hop

Today marks the first day of the MEGA blog hop I am in. So what does this mean well easy PUMP MY BOOK! So for those of you that are interested I have an except from Immortal Embrace just 2 posts below that you can check out. The go on over to the See It Or Read it blog (link button in the side bar) and check out the great contests going on this week. All week I will be coming up with other ways to get Immortal Embrace out there and the on the 7th you the readers go to the polls and vote for Team Embrace. Team Embrace consists of myself , my novel Immortal Embrace and the wonderful Blogger, writer, radio show host and friend Joann from The Eclectic Artist`s Cave. Don`t for get to check out her blog (button also in the side bar) and her radio show Monday through Fridays at 12pm EST on Fate Radio .

Now is there anything you want to know from me? I am opening my blog up to you the readers this week. Ask me anything in the comments below and I will answer all (PG Rated) questions in my blog post tomorrow. Anything you want to know about me, publishing, writing, the floor is yours. So lets see the comments come in and don't forget to VOTE TEAM EMBRACE on August 7, voting takes place at the see it or read it blog every week till the end of August.

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