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Great Canadian Giveaway, Interview with Scarlet Black

I would like to apologize in advance for the formatting of this post, I can't get it to work properly. I ask that you stay and check out this great Interview.

Today I would like to Welcome my good friend Scarlet Black. She is the author of the SALEM MOON, with more books following this year. I first met Scarlet when she was doing research for her novel, we shared some information as I was doing similar research for my novel.

(CB): Scarlet thank you so much for come to talk with us today. I am so glad to not only to consider you my friend, but also my publishing sister. Sharing our publisher WORLD CASTLE PUBLISHING with so many amazing authors is so exciting for me. So welcome to my little blog and lets fill others in on you and what you have in the works.

CB: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Scarlet: I've been married for 32 years this month to my best friend and have one son, both of whom are my beta readers and harshest critics! They make sure I get it right! Working as a veterinary assistant as well as a PetCo manager I love animals! We have two dogs we took in as rescues from the Humane Society here, both had very abusive pasts but were still young enough to work with. After much training and love, they are great dogs! Books and animals are my main passions. I also love to read, swim,fish, hike and draw.

CB: Throughout the years you have lived in various places all over the eastern states. Is there any place you would love to live for a while?
Scarlet: Living in Maine, I can say, that is the best state I've lived in. So beautiful and peaceful (except for winter's!) That is where I plan to spend to live permanently.

CB: You are from Salem, did this have anything to do with why you wrote SALEM MOON?
Scarlet: Yes, it did. If you've never been, put it on your bucket list! It has an aura about it like no other place I've been! I also lived in York, Maine, which at the time of the infamous witch trials was part of Massachusetts Bay Colony and is included in the book as well.

CB: What are your writing habits?

Scarlet: I get ideas all the time, but sometimes don't remember them, so my hubby bought me a little personal recorder, which I carry with me to record thoughts on books. When I'm ready to write, the first thing I do is an outline, chap by chap, as well as a bio for each character. While, I don't follow the outline completely, I find it helps to avoid writer's block. Then I do the research needed. I also research while I'm writing if a new idea pops into my head. I write for at least 6 hours per day. I'm not a fast writer due to how much research I put into the books I write. I get into a total "zone" when writing, sometimes I've burned dinner or forgotten things, I'm so focused! Ha-ha.

CB: Would you mind telling us a little about your book SALEM MOON today?
Scarlet: Salem Moon was a total blast to write! The story begins during the Salem witch trials of 1692, where we meet Gabriel Blackstone; an 18 year old boy from a well respected Puritan family. When he and his twin sister are accussed of witchcraft by the Snow family, they are sentenced to death. Because, he will not confess, he must endure an arachaic and abolished form of punishement where the victim is placed on a board and heavy rocks are put on top, until he is crushed to death. Just before death comes, a mysterious man comes to him, offering to save his life, if only he will take his hand. Unknown to Gabriel, this man, Lucien is a Fallen Angel. He transports Gabriel to 21st century Salem where he meets and falls in love with Lily Snow, a direct descendant of the family who made the accusation of witchcraft! They both know theirs is a forbidden love, but they cannot deny how they feel. Even after 300 years, the two families hate each other. Meanwhile, Lucien unleashes an evil upon the town of Salem like nothing they've ever seen! And, there, the adventure begins! The plot is complex and extremely fast paced
CB: Will there be more books to follow and can you tell us about them?
Scarlet: The Wisdom of Evil will be coming this summer. This is a thriller with the heart of a family saga. Glory Solomon has an extreme phobia (Thanatophopia) the fear of death. She comes from an abusive home and is cold and detached as well. Her husband, Michael is a decorated police officer who sees in his wife what she is unable to see in herself; that she is not as cold as she thinks, that she loves deeply. As time goes on The Grim Reaper she fears so, becomes real! She tries to tell her husband and son, but they think she's crazy. When she makes one split second decision, the consequences are devastating and she can no longer run from the Reaper, she must fight back. But, can she win against so powerful an adversary?

Salem Moon 2: The Fallen and the Pure picks up where the first book ended and is a work in progress. In this novel, all questions from book one will be answered with some shocking revelations! 

CB: What is the coolest fact you learned about when doing research for you book?
Scarlet: I was appalled to learn that  the witch hunts were also a lucrative way to obtain the land of these women. If the land was not purchased cheaply, it went directly to the colony itself.

CB: How did you go about getting published? I know you originally were going to be published by a different publisher. Are you Happy about your move?
Scarlet: I sent over one-hundred queries to agents and publishers! I have enough rejection forms to wallpaper a closet! It took two full years to get a contract and that was for The Wisdom of Evil, which I wrote first. I am more than happy with the change! No one works harder with an author to make them successful than World Castle Publishing!

CB: Do you have any advice you would give other writers?
Scarlet: Take your time and put the effort, research and edit/revisions into your work. Write what your heart tells you to write. I know the trends push the market, but trends are always changing. Above all, believe in your work, yourself and never give up!

CB: Where can we find you?
Scarlet: My website:
Facebook: under my "alter ego" Debra Savignano or facebook fan page at: Scarlet Black-Author
Twitter: Debra Savignano

CB: Where can SALEM MOON be purchased?
Scarlet: Of course, you can purchase direct from publisher at:

CB: Is there anything else you would like to share with us today? (please feel free to add anything you think I may have missed)
Scarlet: I would like to thank the readers and reviewers who've left such wonderful reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, as well as those who sent me their books to sign, it was my honor to sign them. Thanks as well to those who sent me personal e-mails telling me how much they enjoyed it! I am truly grateful to you all. And to Karen and Beth at World Castle who believe in me (even when I'm having trouble believing in myself.)

CB: Thank you again for joining me today, I look forward to hearing more about the SALEM MOON series and it is waiting in my TBR pile.

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