Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Excerpt Blog Hop

Well here it is another blog hop. Come see all the great blogs involves and don't for get to like mine :) Just another way to find some great info and writers. hope you all enjoy the variety of blogs involved. From my understanding this is a excerpt hop, so here we go a small teaser from Immortal Embrace.

Her scream rips through the entire house, as the family runs to the horrific source, the wailing cuts right through to my very core. The memories flood me of the day I used to bellow the same cry so many years earlier. But I can’t think about my own terror anymore, I have a new life now. I can’t allow her to go through what I did. What has he done? I know her terror, her fear, the panic that is starting to set in for a girl who has become like a sister to me.
“She’s in Caspian’s room!” I shout.
Within moments of the painful cry, my entire family reaches the door.  Elijah grabs for the brass doorknob, only to find it locked. He pounds at the solid oak door, his demands for it to open becoming more and more desperate as her cries fall silent. I take notice as Elijah and Florence share a glance and then, with his unnatural strength, he throws his shoulder into the door with all his might. The door splinters into pieces as what is left of it crashes to the ground.

Talk About Authors: August's Blow Out Summer Blog Hop!!

Talk About Authors: August's Blow Out Summer Blog Hop!!: "Watch as bloggers try to win your votes!! Play trivia!! Win! Win! Win! There will be over 50 ebooks and printed books you can win!! Our bl..."

August’s Blowout Summer Blog Hop


Hello Bloggers. There has been a lot of BUZZ around SeeitORreadit about:

August's Blowout Summer Blog Hop

But what is that? And why is it such a big deal?

The August Blow out Summer Blog Hop is when we are going to be voting for the BEST BOOK. Our nominees are:

Now here is how the event works. These books will be competing against each other. The book that wins the most rounds wins the title of BEST BOOK! So you guys need to vote for your book so it wins.

Along the way there will be lot's of contests, guest posts, and giveaways! So stay tuned all month long.

World Castle Publishing Has Picked Up Soulless Light ~ The Eclectic Artist Cave

World Castle Publishing Has Picked Up Soulless Light ~ The Eclectic Artist Cave

Monday, July 11, 2011

My interview on From the Shadow's

Today instead of a blog post I am going to direct you to From The Shadow's Where I was interviewed by E.J. a fellow author. I hope you enjoy the interview as I had a ton of fun doing it. Big thanks to E.J. for the great opportunity.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Great Canadian Giveaway

I survived my first blog hop and I would like to congratulate Misty Leigh. Misty won a copy of Immortal Embrace and I hope that she enjoys it. Congratulations to all the winners from the hop thank you for entering and hopping around all our blogs.

I had a great time and really enjoyed interviewing Scarlet Black author of Salem Moon, a fellow author at World Castle Publishing with me. Also thank you to Gisela Sedlmayer author of Talon, I really enjoyed learning about you and your story. I would like to wish both these authors all the success in the world and hope to have them back one day.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Great Canadian Giveaway, Interview with Gisela Sedlmayer

For my surprise interview of the Great Canadian Blog hop/giveaway I would like to Welcome Gisela (Gigi) Sedlmayer. She is the author of the Talon series for children and adults. Talon sounds like such an interesting adventure story and I am so excited to have Gisela here today. 

(CB): Gisela thank you so much for come to talk with us today. I think this will be a lot of fun and was so happy when you agreed to be interviewed by me.
Answer: It’s my pleasure to talk to you. I was actually surprised, when you asked me if you could do an interview with me. But I have to say I was happily surprised. So, thank you so very much Charlotte, for giving me the opportunity.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Great Canadian Giveaway, Interview with Scarlet Black

I would like to apologize in advance for the formatting of this post, I can't get it to work properly. I ask that you stay and check out this great Interview.

Today I would like to Welcome my good friend Scarlet Black. She is the author of the SALEM MOON, with more books following this year. I first met Scarlet when she was doing research for her novel, we shared some information as I was doing similar research for my novel.

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