Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New E-Books

I thought today would be a good day to introduce some great new short stories from Vamptasy Publishing. As of today there are seven different short stories available, in a wide variety of tastes. These e-books can be found and purchased on the Vamptasy website or from Amazon Kindle. These shorts also come at a very reasonable cost of $0.47 to $1.61 and range from supernatural and horror to a wonderful children's story.

Now to introduce you to the various shorts.

The Leprechaun Car by Joel T. McGrath a 1500 word e-book. Meet the spooky rusty green car that grants wishes. Available for $0.47.

Driving While Dead by Donald Gorman a 5300 word e-book. Never accidentally kill your violent husband and stash his body in the truck of your car for three days. That would make him really mad. For only $1.61, you can enjoy this spooky tale.

Vengeance by C.J. Steel (aka ME!) a 8500 word short paranormal horror. This story is only meant for those over 18 and not for the faint at heart. A tale of a man who has a grudge against women. This book contains violence and scenes some readers may find offensive. Also available for only $1.61.

The Devils Vessel by Nicola Ormerod at 4300 word this e-book is a steal for $0.63. David is in the bath when the devil visits him, hands him a wad of cash and offers him a job. He later finds out that this job is to send some evil people to hell for a dose of eternal torture. It seems ludicrous until the devil hands him the blade of Lucifer, its anger is unleashed in David and he carries out the devils orders. 

The Three Little Pigs by Kathi Barton a 7500 word children's e-book that even the adults will love. This is a funny take on one of the classic children's tales. I promise you and your kids will enjoy this story and it is only $1.61.

The Manus System by Guy Betar a 1800 word coffee break read. Find out what happens when mankind invents a spaceship so advance, so complex, that it can enter and interact with the human brain. For only $0.63.

Shadows by Robin Renee Ray at 4700 words this book will have you looking over your shoulder at night. There's something kidnapping local woman and it is not safe to go out after dark. When Kate has to return to work for her briefcase she sensibly takes a male friend with her. She figures that way she is safe from the beast lurking in the shadows.... Today's newest release is available for only $1.61.

Vamptasy also has a few full length novel and will be having a full release of their upcoming novels early this Summer. Their big launch will have stories for everyone, but until June enjoy these shorts. It has been fun to be apart of Vamptasy and as any writer, I can't wait till the big launch that will allow my YA paranormal romance to see the light of day. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me and I look forward to sharing so much more with you.

In the upcoming weeks I will be interviewing some authors and learning more about the taless they have to share as well.    

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