Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Album Review - Right Direction by Matt Webb

Well it's been a while since I've posted and what better way to get back into it than an album review.

For those of you that have been hiding with out radio for the past decade Matt Webb is the guitarist from Juno award wining band Marianas Trench. He is preparing to head out on tour for his second solo EP, Right Direction. CBC music blog posted a first listen of the EP and I couldn't resist. Matt's first EP Coda and the Jacket was a great first EP, but his new release has star quality.

Right Direction is a completely different sound from his award winning band Marianas Trench, but it may also be a contender for upcoming awards. Right Direction has a simplistic feel and sound to it, but the melodies, lyrics and feel of the album will surely make you feel good.

Track one "1, 2, 3" has a similar sound to other songs out right now, but Matt's original voice gives it a whole new feeling.
Title track "Right Direction" is a little more up beat and completely catchy. The easy beats from the drums are soothing and Matt's melodic voice will have you relaxed and enjoying the tune.
If you can get Right Direction off repeat and make it to track 3 "Don't Turn Your Back On Me" you will find another perfect song, it has a slight 80's undertone, but yet another song I'm in love with. This track has some amazing harmonies and great guitar backing the song.
"Heartbreakers" is just the song everyone needs to listen too. It talks about ups and downs in relationships. Even if you have the perfect relationship this song can speak to you and make you realize we all have flaws. Most of all the guitar riffs are simply amazing.

Overall I believe this album has an original feel to it, catchy enough for radio play, but different from everything else already played. This maybe the album to take Matt Webb's solo career to the next level. Great job showcasing his singer/songwriter skills.

You can get Right Direction on pre-sale right now from 604 Records. The EP releases February 4th and will be available on iTunes as well as 604 website. To find out if Matt is coming to your city check out his official Face Book page by clicking HERE.