Friday, November 30, 2012

Introducing Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine was created by Run Romeo Run members Chad McMonagle and Elijah Budwill. The two talented musicians decided to break away from their pop-rock sound and move to full on pop. This has been an excited move for the duo. Combining their talents, Chad composed the music and the two worked their magic together for the lyrics. In addition to Chad and Elijah’s writing skills their first single “Over and Out” was produced by Colton Peters from Hey Bombshell, on quarter of Canada’s hot new boy band.  The three have managed to create a real dance feel to Cloud Nine’s first single. Because of their combined knowledge they were able to add strong harmonies and guitar to give it a more musical dance feel rather than filling “Over and Out” with straight digital mixes.

Chad McMonagle first became heavily involved in the Calgary music scene at the age of thirteen. By fourteen he joined Run Romeo Run and began touring western Canada and at fifteen composed his first pop-punk single “Lockdown”. Chad has the talent and the knowledge to have a promising future in the international music scene. His ability to compose, write and perform will have fans and the music industry talking about him for years to come.

Elijah Budwill has experience in performing all kinds of music. The years he spent at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York gave him knowledge and experience in performing. Elijah went on to star in the hit musical “Bye Bye Birdy”, landing the lead role of Conrad Birdy. After his tour across Canada and The United States he went on to star in the world famous musical “Oklahoma” before joining Run Romeo Run as lead singer.

First single Over & Out releases New Years day 2013

Together Chad and Elijah have created something special in Cloud Nine and will soon be topping the charts around the world. The exciting sound, catchy lyrics will have people hitting the dance floor and screaming for more. 

Make sure to like Cloud Nine on face book and follow them on twitter just by clicking on the highlighter area.

Just so you can hear their amazing talent for yourself, Cloud Nine has released a small teaser. Get excited because you are about to get hooked on Cloud Nine.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Faber Drive Lost In Paradise 2012

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Faber Drive is a Quartet band from Vancouver, BC that is signed to 604 records. They have been heavy in the music scene for years not only with heavy airplay on the radio, but also get lots of video play too. Currently they are headlining a cross Canada tour featuring Victoria Duffield and Fighting For Ithaca. On top of that every show also features a local band. Personally I think this is a great touch to bring some attention to local musicians.

This was my first time seeing Faber Drive live and I loved every minute of it. The band consists of Dave Faber as lead vocalist and guitar, Krikit Liddle on bass, keyboards, synths and background vocals, Jordan Pritchett is the lead guitarist and vocals and on drums was Seamus O’Neill. From the moment they stepped foot on stage they rocked the crowd. Through various interactions were learned more about them, which made concert goers feel even closer to each member.

After telling fans how much they enjoy 80’s music they broke in to a cover of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” performed by Jordan (JP). Fans old and new were able to enjoy songs from their albums "Seven Second Surgery" as well as their newest release "Lost In Paradise". There is no way you can watch this show and not “Get Up And Dance”.  

Seamus is new to Faber Drive and despite being the newest member and still very young, he has some mad skills on the skins. He is one of the most talented drummers I have ever seen live. JP also showed off his talent with some amazing guitar solos and a harmonic voice that can also kill lead vocals when given the chance. Meanwhile the multi talented Krikit worked like a mad man between all his instruments and still performing to the crowd with full force. Now of course Dave also known just as Faber plays right into the crowd. He is the front man and keeps the energy of the room on full during the entire show.

Faber Drive has catchy lyrics and tunes, songs that touch right down to your soul and some that even take your breath away. I experienced this and so much more during their performance. Normally I’m not a fan of slower songs or ballads, but my opinion has changed. The delivery Faber Drive gave during the songs "Lost In Paradise" and "Too Little too Late" have now made them two of my favorite songs. Audience members pulled out cell phone and lighters to light the venue and help create the perfect atmosphere for these songs.          
During their set Victoria Duffield joined them on stage to sing a beautiful duet cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together”. The last song, a popular crowd favorite  "Get Up And Dance" not only have the crowd hoping, but the members from Fighting For Ithaca And Victoria Duffield and dancer joined the boys on stage to party rock to it with them. Phil from FFI even has a surprise at this point for his fans. Thus closing the show on a high and excited note and leaving concert goers to go again.

Week one of LIPtour2012 is over, but there’s still five weeks left to catch it pending that you live in eastern Canada. For more information on Faber Drive and their tour dates go to   

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Victoria Duffield Lost In Paradise Tour 2012

More dates have been added, make sure to check for more info

Young star Victoria Duffield is sharing the stage with other amazing Canadian Talent as they travel cross country together.  Having never seen Victoria Duffield perform before I didn't know what to expect from this young star, but I have now fallen in love with her. She only started out a short time ago as a top 6 finalist on YTV’s The Next Star. She didn't win the actual competition, but she won in her own right when she secured a record deal. Now at only 17 years old her songs are topping the charts, she just released her first album, recorded a duet with international signing sensation Cody Simpson, attended numerous award shows and is about to take the world by storm. Right now she has joined Faber Drive on their cross Canada tour and gaining more fans every day with her killer smile and friendly nature.

Victoria is a true performer and it shows from the moment she hits the stage. She uses tracks when performing, but sings every song live and even though she is dancing and maintaining high energy throughout the show her performance is flawless. World renowned choreographer Luther Brown put together this show for her and her four dancers who have been working with Victoria for a year now. With her mother watching from the side of the stage Victoria entertains the crowd with catchy hits songs such as "Shut Up And Dance", "Break My Heart" and "They Don’t Know About Us". She also does an amazing cover of Owl City and Carly Rae Jepen’s "Here For A Good Time" that really gets the crowd dancing and singing along.

While every move is perfectly choreographed, Victoria is still able to engage her fans from the front of the room to the very back and up in to rafters. That’s when you know you have a performer in the house, when every person watching feels like they were just touched and she did it perfectly. She even likes to give away things such as bracelets and beach balls during her set. Then after a few little costume alterations she finishes up and you are left in complete awe of seeing a superstar in the making. At her show is done she joins Dave Faber during the headlining set for a beautiful duet.

After the show Victoria meets her fans, signs autographs and takes pictures and chats a little. What is even more impressive than her performance is how much she cares about others. She has joined forces with a very important cause that helps fund research for HIV. More information is available at the show and you can sign up to help Victoria with this amazing movement. She has also joined in the anti-bullying movement. Most of all, she is down to earth and one of the sweetest people you could ever meet.

To find out more about Victoria, get tickets to her shows and get her music check out her website

Fighting For Ithaca LIP TOUR 2012

not all dates are listed, please check www.faberdrive.come for an updated list

Fighting For Ithaca a Vancouver based band, just embarked on their biggest journey of their musical career thus far. Hot off the recent release of their First EP through 604 records they joined The Lost In Paradise tour with Victoria Duffield and Faber Drive. The LIP TOUR 2012 takes the boys across Canada for six weeks Starting in Nanimo, British Columbia on November 11 and ending in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia on December 22. Tickets information for upcoming shows on this tour can be found at

With the lights down and a back track playing to pump the crowd up, Phil Maloney takes a seat and begins to bang out a beat on his drum kit. Tommy Phoenix enters the stage bringing his bass to life, followed by guitar players Jonny Steeksma and Adamm Mountstevens. The four break out into the new EP “TO THE RESCUE” lead track "Black and White" and are joined by the charismatic Curtis Steeskma their lead vocalist. Fans were ready to party and enjoy this energetic set.

Fighting For Ithaca put on an entertaining and engaging performance including several songs from their new album such as "Wasted Nights", "Stay The Same" and "Last Chance". A fan favorite from last year was also included in their set (I won’t ruin the surprise and tell you which song), making the crowd go nuts. They also did a cover of Taylor Swift’s "We Are Never Getting Back Together", with a little more rock tones and a slight adjustment changing one line to “some indie record much cooler than FFI”. This is a fun, high energy set and really gets the crowd going. Faber Drive could not have picked a better band to open their show with.

I’ve seen Fighting For Ithaca play live five times (three shows on this tour) and they just keep improving. The instrumentals are getting tighter, vocals are coming closer to perfection and the overall energy of their show is increasing. Each member of Fighting For Ithaca knows how to perform to a crowd, big or small and demand attention while they’re on stage.

This is a band will want to see because they are headed for great things in the Canadian and International music scene. What makes them even better is how much they interact with their fans. So make sure to follow them on all social media outlets. If you can catch a show and during this tour they will be rocking out in the crowd to Victoria Duffield and Faber Drive, right next to all the fans. Before and after their performance the band members are also around selling merchandise, signing autographs, taking pictures and giving out hugs, so make sure you go collect.   

Overall you are going to fall in love with Fighting For Ithaca. They know how to put on an amazing show, engage their fans and just have fun. Bottom line is, check out a show, get their CD and join the proud fan base of Ithacan’s.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Charlotte Blackwell - Author: Music I Love

Charlotte Blackwell - Author: Music I Love: Here is a list of some of the music I love. Just click to be directed to one of their links and show some love. Marianas Trench ( Facebook...

Getting To Know Kevvy

Kevin James Maher is known to most as Kevvy Mental or Kevvy is a talented singer/songwriter from Vancouver BC and signed to 604 records. Kevvy recently joined AnamiVice on tour with Marianas Trench. I was lucky enough to sit down with Kevvy the night before the show in Calgary and want to share our conversation with you. Kevvy is an amazing man full of talent and if you haven’t heard about him yet, you must be hiding from the world.
Aside from being the lead singer of Fake Shark Real Zombie, Kevvy writes, produces and has his hands in everything in the music industry. If you don’t know him you may know Carly Rae Jepsen who he has written and produced for. He is also most likely the nicest man I have ever met. Kevvy is kind, polite and down to earth. Just like most of us he is working hard to live out his dreams and make a mark in this world.
Here is a little of the interview we had, I hope you enjoy getting to know more about the great talent Canada has and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter (@Kevvy), check out his band Fake Shark Real Zombie, buy their new single Girls  and say hi.
Charlotte: “Hi Kevvy, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?”
Kevvy: “I sing in a band called Fake Shark Real Zombie and I also produce music and write music for people. Some of those artists are Matt Webb from Marianas Trench, Down With Webster and Carly Rae Jepsen on her new album Kiss.”
Charlotte: “Out of those people, who is your favorite to work with so far?”
Kevvy: “I think the fastest, quickest most magical person to write with is Carly, because she is like a hook machine. It’s really easy and inspiring.”
Charlotte: “Is there anyone you wish you could work with?”
Kevvy: “I wanna work with Lady Gaga. I love what I do so it is pretty endless.”
Charlotte: “What is next for Kevvy?”
Kevvy: “I fly to L.A. to do the next video for Fake Shark Real Zombie single which is called Get Weird. We just released on called Girls a little under a month ago. When I get back I’m finishing up Jessica Lee’s album.”
Charlotte: “You kinda have your foot in... or hand in every cookie jar so to speak.”
Kevvy: “Yeah it’s cool I can’t say no to a cool stuff.”
Charlotte: “When can we hear more from you?”
Kevvy: “The full album comes out on Valentines day.”
Charlotte: “Do you have a title for it?’
Kevvy: “Yeah it’s called Liar. There’s lots of guests and surprises on the album.”
To hear more from my interview with Kevvy make sure to check out where the full interview will be aired and posted shortly. Thanks so much to Kevvy for sitting down with me, I had so much fun. Make sure to check out Kevvy on all the interwebs, he is so cool and kind. He also loves getting fan made friendship bracelets and wears them until the fall off. So if you want to see your in a video, make sure to send him one at Light Organ records, 101 – 1001 West Broadway, Unit 182, Vancouver, BC, V6H 4E4. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and don’t forget to follow his band Fake Shark Real Zombie.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Marianas Trench – Face The Music Show Review

Canadian power pop band Marianas Trench just wrapped their first nationwide headlining arena tour and if you missed it I have all the details for you here.  
October 12, 2012 the boys of Marianas Trench, Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Ian Casselman and Mike Ayley started one of the biggest adventures of their career thus far and Face The Music came to life for fans across the country. Joining them were special guest Down With Webster and others like Anami Vice and his special guest Kevvy. The final show of the tour was the first weekend of November in Victoira which brought them back to their Vancouver home.
Marianas Trench released their latest album Ever After last November and right from the start it was a concept album that drew fans in to the magical fairytale. Face The Music allowed the band to bring it to life for fans.
I attended the October 25 show in Calgary, Alberta along with 7 others. After waiting there for hours the doors finally opened and we rushed in to claim our general admission spots on the floor. Standing about three people deep from the stage the excited began to take over. The lights went out and music started, Anami Vice and Kevvy ran on to the stage and tear it up, I mean they are the best opening act I have ever seen at a show. Anami rap style is catchy and when the two of them did a mini choreographed dance the fans went nuts. The only time thousands of girls screamed louder during this set was when Anami took his shirt off. I have to admit I was pretty impressed too. I mean what better way to get a crowd going then to show off a perfectly ripped abdomen that obviously has zero body fat. That man was FINE and one hell of a performer too.
Next Down With Webster took the stage and things got crazy. Fans began pushing and jumping. Let’s just say it got a little hot in there. They put on one hell of a show and got the crowd ready for Marianas Trench to blow it out of the park. I think every person in the arena loved it when the DWW drummer did a cover of Gangman Style and the rest of the band danced across the stage. They put on a great show with a tight sound and I’m guessing they secured some fans they didn’t have prior to the show. This is one group that knows how to do things live. Later in the night they hosted an after party at a local venue, talk about good times.
Now it was time for Marianas Trench to rock Calgary, the lights dim again and the crowd goes nuts. I large screen behind the stage lights up and Josh lying on the ground from the video of Fall Out. A small clip plays a reference to the story behind Ever After. Throughout the show clips involving Josh, Princess Carolina, Porcelain and the stuttering man play, bringing the Ever After concept to life. The music starts and Josh appears from a box in front of the screen. Dressed in a shiny green suit he took flight above the crowd singing Ever After.
As the show continues the excitement rises. Marianas Trench has exceeded all expectations with help from set designers of Cirque de Sol. Two ramps lead down from the main stage; bring the performers deeper into the crowd. Nothing can bring them closer then Josh jumping into the crowd and running into the stands of either side of the stage, all while singing hits from their sophomore album Masterpiece Theatre. Nearing the end of the show Josh also crowds surfs through the fans. Everyone on the floor pushed trying to touch the music man wearing a white tank and tight blue pants. Security held on to his feet making sure he wouldn’t get mauled in the crowd. Once back on stage he announces he has never been so violated. Teens in the crowd grabbed at every inch of him, and I have to admit I kinda molested his shoulder myself. As he got pulled back by the security team he sat on a smaller teen’s head that was in the front row. Funny thing is she is my daughter and it has become a running joke in our house. 
I think the most talked about part of the show is when Matt, Mike and Ian came out to stage at the front of the stage only to rip their pants of moments later. They then proceeded to play Desperate Measures in only their underwear and a dress shirt. Josh came out dancing and shaking his butt around in matching tighty whities and dress shirt. This is a huge play on the Tom Cruise movie Risky Business and also part of the video for the song. This was a very bold and brave move for the band and very well received by concerts goers. In another interview the boys admitted to double bagging it and wearing 2 sets of white shorts. I guess the sweat from the hot stage lights can make those things see through.   
During one part of the show Josh can out by himself and a piano treating the audience to a song near and dear to his heart, Love Dearest. He has openly admitted this song is difficult for him to perform because of the history and emotion behind it. The fans loved hearing it live and it was delivered with sheer perfection. After a few songs the band joined him again to close the show and took their final bow.
Marianas Trench out did themselves with Face The Music. It was entertaining, engaging and brought so much to the table. This will be a difficult tour to top, but as a long time fan I know they will once again exceed all expectations.  If you haven’t seen this band live, you need to get on it as soon as they hit the road again. No one puts on a better live show. The harmonies, instrumental solos and Josh’s pitch perfect voice are second to none.
          On behalf of fans new and old, thank you for sharing your vision with us and allowing us to be a part of this memorable experience. Everything was perfect right down to the opening artists on the bill. Although this tour just ended I look forward to seeing what is up Marianas Trench’s sleeves for the next show. Marianas Trench is going to be hitting new highs, gain new fans and impressing old fans. Watch out world, this has been the year of the Trench, but it’s not going to stop any time soon. I suspect the rest of the world will be seeing so much more of these four friends from Vancouver.