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Author Interview With Eric R. Johnston

Today I would like to welcome Eric R. Johnston, another great author from World Castle Publishing. 

About You:
Can you tell us a little about you?
I graduated from University of Michigan with a degree in English and History with teaching certifications in social studies and english. When I’m not writing or editing, I am substitute teaching, a combination of long-term and short-term assignments. I have a daughter who was born this past December. She is so awesome.
I started writing at a young age, inspired by the success of my great aunt, Ruth White, who has written such classic children’s books as Belle Prater’s Boy and Memories of Summer. Having a successful writer in the family guaranteed a passion for writing would always be encouraged.
What quality do you most value in yourself?
I am patient and willing to stick to something no matter how long it takes. Sometimes this devotion borders on obsession, but that’s all right. To write a novel, you must be obsessive in some way.
 Why do you write?
I write because it makes me happy.
What is your greatest strength as a writer?
Characters. I think good characters lead to a good novel. In my mind, the story itself is secondary. You could have the best plot in the world, but if your characters are dead on arrival, no one is going to follow them long enough to find out. On the other hand, in my view, people will read about your great characters in a lackluster story and enjoy it.

What book(s) / author(s) have influenced your life and writing?
Stephen King’s Dark Tower series has had the biggest influence on me as a writer. I love the feel of the novels, the characters, and how they tie all of King’s work together into one massive uber-novel.
About Writing:
What is your writing process? Do you follow a regular routine?
I try to follow a routine. I set a goal of writing at least 1,000 words a day. Sometimes I write less, sometimes much more. I also set time aside each day to read. I consider myself a creature of habit. I need routine or I grow anxious. I am most productive in the mornings, when I do most of my writing, and then I write a little throughout the day as inspiration hits.

I always have a notepad with me. When I have time to write, but no computer access, I will write by hand and type it out later. You never know when you’ll have some down time.
What are the most important elements of good writing? According to you, what tools are must-haves for writers?
Writers must have a good sense of the English language. I had a professor who always said, “There is nothing more beautiful than the English language used properly; and nothing more hideous than the English language used improperly.” This is true.
Writers must also be readers. Know how other people write. Familiar yourself with different styles, different ideas, different things going on in the literary world. If you aren’t a reader, you can’t be a writer—or you can’t be a writer anyone would want to read, anyway.
What motivates you to write?
I’ve always dreamed of being a bestselling author. I also want to be a writer that inspires other writers. I want to change the world.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?
Not usually. When I do, on those rare occasions, I may go for a walk, or I might write something else for a while.
Do you have any advice for other writers?
Read and write—a lot. And don’t get discouraged. You need to read and write to hone your craft. Additionally, don’t be discouraged if you aren’t writing something as successful as Harry Potter. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment.
What are your current / future projects?
I am currently working on three novels and outlining a fourth. These are Harvester: Evolution, which is the sequel to Harvester: Ascension, a book that will be released by WCP later this year. I am working on a science fiction time travel novel called Temporal Winter, a fantasy novel dealing with death and the afterlife titled Orchard Hills, and outlining one that you could consider a romance-horror tentatively titled Separations.
About your book:
Can you tell us a bit about your book?
The Twins of Noremway Parish is a novel that takes place in the distant future. The world is run-down; the land is dry, parched, and dead, and there are only a few human settlements left in the world. There was a war with beings collectively known as the Darkness. They have one goal: bring chaos to the world.
There is one being from a group of god-like entities that had survived since the beginning of existence that attempts to restore order to this chaos. He is a Story Teller. These Story Tellers spin tales, making sense of all the disparate things around them, developing a cohesive narrative that has a certain elegance to it.
 The Twins of Noremway Parish begins with the Story Teller narration, but he is soon captured by the Darkness who seek to use his powers to tell another story, one that will tear apart the fabric of the universe. The story changes, becoming dark, evil.
The Twins of Noremway Parish also deals a lot with tradition and injustice. These people have their own religion, one that I made up, but it is an off-shoot of Christianity and Catholicism. I have borrowed phrases, titles, roles, and religious edicts from a variety of places to create something unique, yet familiar.
The story itself really follows the parish Friar, Decon Mangler, often referred to as “Brother Decon” and the Parochial Vicar, Teret Finley, known as “Sister Teret.” They are the male and female religious leaders of the parish, and being such, must keep a certain innocence about them. When a pair of infant conjoined twins are found in the cathedral, they decide it would be best for the twins if they raised them as mother and father themselves. This leads to a social uproar as it becomes clear that, to some within the parish, tradition, even a tradition that makes no sense, is more important than thinking about the actual well-being of these children.

What is the message in your book? What are your readers’ reactions to it?
There are several messages. Decon and Teret love these twins, care for them, and are amazing parents, but the relationship they develop as they care for them tears the entire village apart. Why did this happen? The reader can ask himself or herself this, and can come to his or her own conclusion
So far, the reactions to this novel have been very positive.
Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
I learned a lot about writing and character. I love everyone in this book as if they were my family. To me, the story itself is secondary. I love these characters, even the villains. Every novel I write from this point on will focus on character. I feel if you have characters you love, they can make any situation worthwhile.
What do you think readers will find most notable about this book?
The unique story telling device. A narrator, an omniscient being, is taken hostage at the beginning, completely changing the voice and the direction of the story. This was something I’d never seen before, and I suspect most readers haven’t either. This device is used throughout the novel to advance certain plot points that I will not discuss here.

What would you most like readers to tell others about this book?
Most readers would say it’s unique and has a heavy message.

How can readers help you promote this book?
Post on facebook, twitter, tell your friends, family, teachers, students, book club members. Just spread the word in whatever way is convenient for you.

Where can readers find you and more about your book(s)? Where can they purchase your book(s)? and are the two places you can find it most easily.

Another big thank you to Eric for stoping by, and make sure you all check him out. Show some love to the authors of WCP (World Castle Publishing).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Author Interview with S. Evan Townsend

Welcome to my fellow World Castle author S. Evan Townsend. Thank you for joining us today, I’m so excited to have you hear and know my readers will enjoy it as well.  
About You:
Can you tell us a little about you?
I'm a 51 year old writer living in central Washington State.  I'm married with three children, all boys, the youngest is 18 and a senior in high school.  I've been writing for almost 40 years now (you do the math).  I spent four years in the U.S. Army in the Military Intelligence branch and then I worked for 20 years in a business I partially owned and ran.  About 15 months ago I decided to pursue my dreams of being a writer and now I write as much as I can.  I do fiction novels and I also write freelance articles.  I've gotten to meet a lot of interesting people most of whom were, because of where I live, farmers.

What quality do you most value in yourself?
I hope this doesn't sound snobbish or conceited, but I most value my writing ability.  It is the one thing I do best.  I'm just hoping I do it well enough to make a living at it.

In addition to writing, what else are you passionate about?
I love to drive and drive fast.  I've driven on a race track (since I've been writing for a living, I can't afford that anymore), and I know all the low-traffic roads in the area where speed enforcement is little or none.  I'm passionate about politics.  My mother was very involved in politics as I was growing up and she would run political campaigns while dragging me all over Idaho with her.  And I'm passionate about my kids, helping them succeed and become the adults they want to become.

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life?
My kids aren't criminals.  They don't tag, they don't swear, they don't talk back to adults.  They don't abuse drugs or alcohol, and they are all brilliant (which I'm sure is all because of me).

Why do you write?
Why do I breathe?  I have to write.  I have these thoughts, voices, ideas and if I don't record them they go away.  Plus I enjoy it so much.  I will write to pass time (which is how Hammer of Thor started).  There is nothing like the satisfaction of writing something unique and beautiful that conveys exactly what you want to say.
What is your greatest strength as a writer?
I'm a very visual person.  When I write I see a movie in my mind of what's happening.  I believe my strength is transferring that movie from my head to paper so the reader sees what I'm seeing.

Is there any new or established author whom you feel deserves more attention, and what is it that strikes you about his or her work?
Seriously, I wish more people would read Robert Heinlein and Poul Andersen and learn from them.  They are both brilliant writers but are confined to the ghetto of "oh, they're just science fiction writers" when they are so much more.  Heinlein's political and social commentary disguised as entertaining stories influenced me a lot.

What book(s) / author(s) have influenced your life and writing?
Robert Heinlein, as I just said, Poul Anderson and Larry Niven are the three fiction writers who have influenced both my life and my writing.  In writing my novel Rock Killer I tried (and I think failed) to write as well as Larry Niven would on the subject of asteroid mining.

About Writing:
What is your writing process? Do you follow a regular routine?
My writing comes in spurts.  And can come anytime.  I could be driving and have an idea (usually when I'm driving slow).  Or the shower is a great writing venue.  Usually I do what I call "pre-writing" when I think about something.  Then I'll sit down and actually write it.  But I don't hold on to what I pre-wrote because sometimes inspiration hits and suddenly I'm off on a whole new direction.  One time I made a typo and I liked the change so much, I changed to plot of the novel to match the typo.
I don't outline much or if I do, it's very broad.  For example, the outline for the final chapter of Agent of Artifice was "Final Conflict with Bad Guy."

What are the most important elements of good writing? According to you, what tools are must-haves for writers?
When I think of "tools" I think of thinks like a good dictionary (the older the better so that it's not infused with modern stupidity), a copy of The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, and a Fowler's Modern English Usage (the older the better).  But the writer themselves, they need a good vocabulary (and an accurate one), and the ability to get their thoughts into prose form so that it is both easy to read yet not plain.  And they need to be absolute believers in their craft and ability because they are going to get a lot of rejections along the way.
What motivates you to write?
I need to write.  If I never got another penny and no one ever read what I wrote, I would still write.
Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?
It seems to me that my writer's block is my subconscious telling me I'm writing crap.  For instance, I had writer's block for over a year on the climax of Hammer of Thor.  Then one day, I realized my idea was crap.  And so I started thinking about it more (pre-writing) and came up with another idea and suddenly, it was no longer crap and I finished the book's first draft in about two weeks.  So when I suffer writer's block, I try to step back, think, and figure out what's wrong.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Prostitution pays better and is less degrading.
To me, some people are writers and some want to write.  Those that are writers will write. Those that want to write want to make a lot of money, go on Oprah, and do book tours.  If you want to be a writer, then write and viola, you are a writer.  You may not be a paid writer or a published writer, but you can post your stuff online for others or start a blog or try to find a publisher.  But write.  And grow and thick skin because you will be rejected, criticized, and berated.
What are your current / future projects?
I am currently working on a third novel in the Adepts Series to follow up Hammer of Thor and Agent of Artifice.  It is titled Book of Death and it is set in 1968 (just 5 years after Agent of Artifice but the cultural changes are huge) and deals with the Cold War, the Prague Spring (I hope), and my version of vampires.

About your book:
Can you tell us a bit about your book?
My latest book is titled Rock Killer.  It is not part of the Adept Series but is a stand-alone novel.  It is science fiction that is set in the not-too-distant future when in order to supply an over-crowded planet with the resources it needs, a company called Space Resources, Inc., mines asteroids for their valuable metals without degrading Earth's environment.  But there are people who cannot stand human progress and will stop and nothing to slow or halt it.
What is the message in your book? What are your readers’ reactions to it?
The message of the book is that progress is always better than regress, and that standing up to bullies, be they nations, terrorist groups, or individuals, is better than surrender.  My readers have been universally approving, even those that I thought might be more inclined to be on the bad guys' side philosophically.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
I learned a lot about asteroids and how to plot a constant acceleration orbit in the solar system.  I remember having a spreadsheet open on my computer with the calculations on it to make the timing work right and having to wrap my plot around the reality of the math.  It was a challenge.  I also learned about Middle East politics, languages and cultures.  When I was writing the novel I had a friend who was an Arab linguist and he helped out a lot.

What do you think readers will find most notable about this book?
The book isn't meant to be a "message book" even though like all good literature, it has messages.  It's supposed to be a fun space adventure, taking the reader someplace they've never been: the Moon and the asteroid belt.  I hope what they find notable is the adventure and the fun in the book.

Have you acquired any good anecdotes surrounding this book? If so, could you share one?
A friend of mine read an early draft and he complained that the terrorists put out their statement claiming responsibility for the attack before they made their attack.  And I pointed out that they were twenty light-minutes from Earth at the time, so they were timing the message so that it would hit Earth right after the attack.  And for some reason, he couldn't understand that it would take twenty minutes for a radio transmission to get to Earth.  I kept saying things like "the speed of light is finite" and he still never got it.

Did researching and writing this book teach you anything or influence your thinking in any way?
I learned about Middle Eastern cultures and languages and customs.  So now when we talk about an Arab Spring, I can understand more why it is unlikely that will lead to a Western democracy.

What would you most like readers to tell others about this book?
That it was a fun book to read with lots of adventure and good old-fashioned space battles and some Earth-bound shoot-outs.

Can you suggest one question readers might find interesting to discuss, concerning you, your writing in general, or this book?
This book has two main characters who never meet (except briefly at the end of the novel).  One is Charlene "Charlie" Jones.  Interestingly, she started out as a white guy and ended up being a beautiful African-American woman.  It was one of those bolts out of the blue while I was writing.  In an early draft Charlie Jones was coming to meet someone.  But when he walked into the room I suddenly decided to make him a woman.  And then I decided to make her African-American as I wrote her background.  And finally, I made her beautiful because, well, I like beautiful women.  But she is strong, intelligent, and independent.  And I like that in a woman, too.

How can readers help you promote this book?
Tell everyone they know they loved it.  Tweet, blog, and post on Facebook about it.  And most of all, assuming you loved it, leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and Shelfari or anywhere else.  Email me through my website and I might link your review to my website.
Where can readers find you and more about your book(s)? Where can they purchase your book(s)?

The first place to go is my website:
All my books are available on and are available for the Kindle.
Some are also available for the Nook.

I have to say this was so much fun, Sheldon I can't thank you enough for the pleasure of getting to know you better. You had me laughing with your answers. I'm looking forward to meeting you and other World Castle Authors this coming weekend in Texas. For those who are unaware or just living under a rock... nine of us authors will be gathering together at not one but two Barnes and Noble's store for a huge Paranormal book event. If you are in the area please stop in and say hi to us. And Sheldon see you in less than 48 hours. 

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Interview with Fran Orenstein

Thank you for doing this interview Fran and I would also like to remind readers that Sunday March 18 Fran and I will be doing a LIVE author chat with Lindsay Anne Kendal starting at 1pm EST. You can join us by clinking this link. Now Welcome Fran, lets's get started.

Would you like to tell us a little about yourself?
I grew up in New York city, Brooklyn and The Bronx specifically. It was a wonderful place for a child to grow up because the schools were terrific and there was so much culture available. I have had many roles in my life as daughter, student, wife, and mother, and have held many jobs. I was a single mother for a long time and am a proud grandmother of four.  After retiring from working for others, I decided it was time to be self-employed. The first was in the healing arts as a Reiki Master/Practioner, and now as a writer/author with my own company, Sunwriter, LLC.

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life?
Raising children who are good, talented and smart, and who make the world a better place. The work I did for women and particularly creating The NJ Coalition on Women and Disabilities as a major change agent for everyone with disabilities in NJ, but specifically for women. The workshops and training I have done in gender equity and violence prevention that influenced others and enhanced opportunities for girls to achieve success as adults.

What inspired you to write?
My mother was a storyteller. I recall her stories of family lore, and the different spin she put on children’s fairy tales and stories. She was an inveterate reader and I grew up in libraries. I wrote my first poem around age eight after reading Bambi by Felix Salton. The book so moved me that I needed to express myself and chose to write a poem. That launched a lifetime of writing poetry and prose. I sent my first short story to a magazine when I was twelve. The strongest influence was my love of reading.

What authors influenced you as a writer?
It began as a child with authors like Felix Salton, (Bambi, etc.) Frances Hodgson Burnett (The Secret Garden), Laura Ingalls Wilder (The Little House on the Prairie series), moving on to Shakespeare and poets such as Robert Frost, Ray Bradbury, Daphne De Marier, Anya Seton, and today resides with Dean Koontz for his beautiful writing, Stephen King for his stories, Janet Evanovich and Christopher Moore for their humor, Ken Follett for his historical novels, and the myriad of other authors whose books I eagerly await every year, like Lee Child, Sharyn McCrumb, Kay Hooper, and of course the ones no longer here, like John MacDonald, Robert Parker, and John Creasy.

What is your favorite quote?
“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I~I chose the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.
I believe that following your own path leads you to exciting places others may never experience by following the crowd.

If you could jump in to a book, and live in that world, which would it be?
The World of Harry Potter. I would love to teach at Hogwarts, after all, I was born on Halloween.

What quality do you most value in yourself?
My wild imagination, the ability to actually place myself in the book as I write it, and the flexibility to go in another direction as my imagination takes flight.

What is at least one thing that every writer needs to have or do?
To understand language and structure, they must be a reader. 
To produce an excellent product, they must be willing to accept critiques and editing.
To be published, they must be confident in their writing, persistent in their pursuit of the gold ring, and have a boatload of patience.

Are your books different than your personal favorite books by other authors?
I write in a wide variety of themes, genres and ages. My favorite reading genres are mystery, political intrigue, courtroom drama and horror, but most of what I write does not fall into those categories. I also write for multiple ages and I wish I had the natural gift of humor in my writing.

What led you to writing in these genres?
I like writing for ‘tweens and teens. When I was a teen I loved historical novels and science fiction, and still do. As a kid I loved mysteries like The Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew. I always loved fantasy. Writing for kids in these genres is perfect. Now I’m writing for adults and stretching myself, because what I write is not what I generally choose to read, except with my book club, which has opened my eyes to other kinds of literature. However, having worked for so many years on women’s issues, I find that I enjoy writing for women. Also, poetry, my first love, is the writing I most enjoy.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?
Coming up with the idea, developing it, and creating and developing great characters who jump out of the pages.

Least favorite part of the writing process?
Getting into a routine of writing regularly. I tend to get sidetracked and before I realize it the day is gone.
Avoiding the danger of boredom, to which I am prone. That’s why I write such a variety of material.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?
I reread what I recently wrote and edit it. That gives me the momentum to continue. I also know that the writer’s block will pass if I persist. 

What are you currently working on?
I have several projects going to keep me interested. I am collaborating with someone on the first novel in a woman’s series. Expanding some short stories in the horror genres to publish as an anthology, and I am compiling my poetry into a book for publication.

Can you tell us a bit about your most current book?
Gaia’s Gift was released in January by World Castle Publishing. It is a contemporary book for women, although men enjoy it, too. There are elements of the paranormal, ecology, and psychology. It is about a woman who loses everything she loves and suffers from survivor’s guilt. She leaves the world she knows and lives alone, until she receives a gift from the sea that plunges her into years of joy, but also deceit and lies. Just when she thinks it cannot continue a special man enters her life and she realizes that there might just be a chance for redemption. 

What is the message in your book? What are your readers’ reactions to it?
There is a message about caring for the earth and everything living on it. It also sends a message that problems can be solved and you must try before ending your existence. The reactions from readers have been very positive, including good reviews.
Have you acquired any good anecdotes surrounding this book? If so, could you share one?
I think the stock in tissues has gone up because everyone uses at least a box during the reading of the book. I’m smiling, but the book is also uplifting.

What would you most like readers to tell others about this book?
I would like them to think about and talk about the environment and relationships, particularly that love has many faces, including love between parent’s and children, love between humans and animals, love for the Earth (Gaia), and love between adults.

How can readers help you promote this book?
Tell everyone you know about it, give it as a gift to a friend or family member and enjoy the read.

Why do you write?
I write to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing my work in print.
I write to leave a legacy. I write to hear my grandson say, “I’m so proud to have a Granny who’s a published author.” Then to hear my granddaughter say, “What are you writing next, Granny?”
I write to give pleasure, and hope that my writing will be a catalyst to healing the world; for every book has a subtle message.
I write because I enjoy it.

Where readers can find you?
Visit Fran’s World at, and my pages on Facebook and LinkedIn and other sites listed on my website.

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Live Author Chat

On Sunday March 18, 2012 I will be joining Lindsay Anne Kendal and Fran Orenstein for a live author chat. I hope that many of you will join us. We are ready for any...okay most questions you may have for us and even have some giveaways too. Come and learn more about me and my Embrace Series as well as these amazing books by my fellow author. Remember Sunday March 18 at 1pm EST just click on this link for the live chat. Here's some info on the other authors books, check them out it will be fun. Also This weekend Immortal Embrace will be FREE on Amazon - Saturday and Sunday only, worldwide! 

Keira Jameson used to lead a normal life, she just had a gift, passed down through the generations of her family. 

Now, after hearing voices, having strange dreams of others calling out to her, and her grandfather's last words haunting her, she sets out to find other families like hers. Along with her best friend Lily, the only person outside her family to know about her gift, Keira begins a hunt for her ancestors. A chance meeting with a young man, Lucian Turner, sets them on the right track, but their discoveries change the way Keira will see herself for ever more. 

Fear, superstition and heritage are shaping Keira's future and she must face her enemies, even if this could mean losing her life. 

Through loss and love her destiny becomes inescapable. 

Part Buffy-style horror, part tender romance, Bloodlines will have fans of the genre on tenterhooks waiting for the next instalment of this gripping and hell-raising tale. 

Keira has been through Hell, literally..... But now she’s back, and stronger than ever!

In this second gripping installment of the Bloodlines trilogy Keira and her friends – Lily, Lucian, Tyler, Jake and Danny – continue to try and understand their elemental powers, and protect themselves from their enemies, whose ultimate goal is to destroy them. 

This time, the stakes are higher – what seems to be a demon rebellion has broken out in hell and the Earth is plunged into chaos. Their problem is, no one – not even Lucifer himself – knows who the rebel leader is. It seems only Keira, her frightened but determined friends, and a new ally – a demon named Eligos - can find out who this person or thing is, why they are suddenly causing so much bloodshed, pain and upset for everyone, and destroy them.

Bloody awesome battles, amazing feats of magic, and a stronger-than-death passion, make for an intoxicating, unforgettable read in this powerfully imagined fantasy... 

Leticia has a dark secret, and somebody somewhere knows what it is. After being tormented and brutally attacked, it becomes obvious they want her dead. A mysterious group come to her aid. They want to fight by her side and help her win the war someone has declared on her. Together, they present a force to be reckoned with. Love, loss and longing put strains on the alliance. Not only must they fight their enemies, but their own fears and desires. Leticia must also face a harsh reality. If she wants a happy future, she must first confront her past. 

Rachel Wells loses everything she cherishes in a brief summer storm off the coast of Florida. Haunted by the ghosts of her past, driven to the point of insanity by survivor's guilt, Rachel turns her back on the world and retreats to a deserted island with her cat. Here she plans to live out her life in isolation, frozen behind an impenetrable veil of pain. That is, until she receives a gift from the sea that opens a slit in the veil and allows the world to intrude. Ignoring her conscience, Rachel learns too late that some gifts are not meant to be kept forever, and that forgiveness and redemption sometimes require sacrifice. The gods and spirits watch as the many layers of love unfold to reveal a complex finale. 

If you would like more info on my novels please look under my books tab or the multimedia for the trailers. Hope to see you all on Sunday.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Self-Injury Awareness - not something to keep a secret

So it was brought to my attention that today is Self Injury Awareness Day. I thought it would be important to get the message out. Being a young adult author I have contact with many teenage girls and it breaks my heart to hear some of their stories. The things some of these kids have to deal with sickens me to the core, no one should have to put up with the kind of hurt that these kids are dealing with.

 Not that long ago I shared a story about a young girl I met on twitter and how she would cut herself and even attempted suicide. Pyria is now out of the hospital and on the mend. I talk to her frequently and have tried to make it known to her and others that I am always hear for an ear to listen to them. I by no means am a counselor, but that's not what I am offering, I'm offering friendship. Something that many young girls today struggle with. Now since I shared Pyria's story I have met another young woman on twitter going through similar issues. I talk to her almost daily. Last night she decided to share her story and has given me permission to share it with all of you today. 

My reason for sharing these stories is I want others out there to know they are not alone and to bring awareness to the outlets you or your friends can turn to in your time of need. Many people think that teens of even adults that harm themselves do it for attention, but it's the complete opposite. They do it for a release, many of them feel so much pain on the inside, emotional pain they they want to feel real physical pain. Others do it to numb themselves to the pain that others cause them. If they are physically, emotionally, or sexually abused many feel that their abuser can't hurt them if they hurt themselves. The other day at the supermarket my cashier had scars from cuts from her wrists to her upper arm. There were hundreds. One very famous young woman who has recently go to rehab is Demi Lovato, she also got "Stay Strong" tattooed on her wrists to remind her and her fans to stay strong. Now I want to share my new friends story and hopefully her story will help other out there.  Here is the "tweetlonger" post my young friend posted along with a picture of some of her scars. 

"  So I dont know how many of you guys will actually read this and help out but before I even write more, thank you so much if you do. 

So since I was like 7, if that, I have been abused. When I was little I didnt know that it was wrong, you know I just thought every other kid went through that. When I was 10 I think, the abuse kind of calmed down but it was still something I went through. By then I knew it was wrong, so I slowly started falling into this state of depression. But growing up since I was only a few years old I was known for being really quiet, to this day im still told that. But being how I was so quiet nobody ever knew why I was really quiet. So if they didnt ask, which nobody has ever once asked, I didnt tell them what was going on. 
But when I was 11, I started cutting. I still remember the very first time. The day was just a usual day for me, but for some reason that last hit I got really got to me. So then I went down to my room, I had a package of these things that had sort of a bladed edge. I took like 2 or 3 of them, lined them up and just took them to my wrist. Yes, it hurt but it calmed me. Just after that first cut, I guess you can say I became addicted to the pain. Everytime I would get put down, feel like im not good enough, get abused, or even just for a spilt second think of that first cut I would cut more and more and more. Nobody ever really knew because I would constantly wear a sweater or a long sleeve, if I wasnt wearing one then I would have bracelets on. But not once have I let anyone see my arms. Sometimes I would even put fake tattoos on or draw on my arms just to hide them, because I had cuts all the way up to my elbow. And this went on to about grade 7. And by then, the abuse was getting really bad. 
So then I was in grade 8. And I remember there was this group of girls in my gym class, and they were just showing eachother their arms right in the open, laughing about it. They were like, "oh this time I tried a knife, or this time I carved this persons name into my arm." and they were taking the whole thing as a joke. They were all cutting for fun, and there was about 5 or 6 of them. I didnt really think it was all that funny, they showed me and I kind of laughed it off but inside I felt like a joke. Because cutting was something that was going on since like grade 5, it was something that helped me and they just took it like a joke. 
I also remember this one time, it was the day before my birthday and i dont even remember the full story but i was being abused for the whole day. Like the whole works, I had cuts on the side of my face, a fat lip, bruises all over. And so that night was the first night I had attempted suicide. Im not going into detail but I didnt go through with it. 
Another time i was gone for the weekend and before I left I forgot to hide my things. So in the open I had this little box that had some blades, scissors, a bloody towel, some pills and other sharp things that I used and some old suicide notes. My sister was going through my room and found them. She showed my parents, they read everything but when I got back they just simply said "thats not good for you, dont do that?" I realized they didnt even care. They never tried to get me help. So it just kept going on. 
Another time I had tried to committ suicide was after the first time I had actually took a stand and filed charges against my dad last year. This is going to sound stupid but I regret it. only because of everything I went through just by making that one call. After that I was constantly blamed by EVERYONE and I mean everyone. My parents, my siblings, relatives and even my own great grandparents. I was blamed because I was the one who made the call and it was MY fault he wasnt allowed at our house to see my other little siblings, and it was MY fault CPS was involved, and MY fault because im such a fucked up person. And so every month passed we were supposed to go to court they kept putting it off, and it was almost a year later we finally went to court. Im not saying what happened there but all those months of being blamed and in such a deep depression and having nobody there for me, crying every fucking night was hell. I wanted help, I wanted to get better. I reached out to my mom once and tried letting her know how depressed I was and how bad I wanted help. Multiple times, ive attempted suicide. All those months I cutted everyday. And during this time, I stopped eating because I knew that eventually I would get sick to the point where I would just let go and then they can have everything back to how they wanted. I got over that a little but its still slightly here. I only eat like one meal a day and I know thats its not healthy. 

This isnt even my whole story, but I dont really want to go on because I feel I shouldnt even share this. Im afraid someone I know will see it and laugh. And I know you guys dont care because its just another story of someone whos emo and sucidal.. and all that. Most of you guys probably havent even read up to this point. but self harm, as much as I been through with it, this is MY story. I still havent gotten over my depression, to be honest its getting worse. I still cut. But its all thats there for me when nobody is. I want to give up because im getting nowhere. I dont have friends, ive lost them all. I get put down everyday. Self harm is something that I do, but when it comes to others im against it. Yes, im hypocritical. I DO want to get better, but its hard cause nobodys physically beside me helping me. Im the type of person who can tell someone I truly believe you are porcelain but when someone tells me I dont believe that at all. And i dont know why. 

I appreciate you guys, this took a lot of courage to write and took me forever to write but tomorrow is Self harm awareness day and I thought i would share. So you can tell me how much my life sucks, but remember this isnt my whole story... there is so much more I could share with you guys but I choose not to because I know for a fact ill be judged.
But to the point now, im making a video about self harm awareness, Marianas Trench and Simple Plan related so if you want to be involved but putting a simple message, a picture, a video or even share yur story, PLEASE dm me. I really want to make this video as inspirational as I can. You guys can share your story and if you want i can put it as anonymous. But please, I want people to be involved. Dm me?

You are all perfect porcelain and I love you!" 

If you or someone you know needs help here are some numbers you can call.
Call             1 800 668-6868      
 24-Hour National Crisis Hotline            1-800-448-3000      

National Suicide Hotlines

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