Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crystal Kid – Two Brothers With A Dream

A few weeks ago I caught up with Crystal Kid at the Amp Rockstar contest in Calgary. Charles and Frank have competed in the contest for four years now and has become a fan favorite. This year they came in second place and won a substantial cash endorsement from Amp Radio to further their musical career. I really enjoyed getting to know these two brothers and watching them play live. Of course anyone that covers Marianas Trench is great in my books. They have a lot going on in the upcoming months including a trip to Toronto for Music Week. So today I would like to introduce you to Crystal Kid.

Charlotte: We are awaiting the results of the Amp Rock Star finals, are you guys nervous?

CK: I feel pretty chill, this is our fourth time in this competition. It gets to a point where you feel pretty relaxed and whatever happens happens. I think one thing bands forget is it’s all about the music and all about the fans. I know shows tend to create a lot of anxiety, but once you get over that and take a step back to ask yourself why am I doing this? MUSIC.

Charlotte: How long have you been doing this?

CK: Well we are brothers, so the natural progression into this came about nine years ago. We developed Crystal Kid and tribute our pop/rock roots.

Charlotte: I love your cover of Fallout by Marianas Trench, so thank you for doing that
CK: Thank you, it came about in a way that was very spontaneous. Charles came up to me one day and said, do you wanna cover Fallout by MT? I was like sure, he sings pretty high...but I will give it a shot. We love Marianas Trench, so might as well pay some tribute.

To read the full interview check out it should be available soon.

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