Thursday, February 28, 2013

Album Review, Halfway To Hollywood – Party Like Its Prom Night

Fans of Halfway To Hollywood have been waiting a long time for them to release more than just a single and the time has finally arrive. Party Like its Prom Night is their first EP and officially released to the public on March 1st. It can be purchased on iTunes. I was lucky enough to talk to Brenden White, on behalf of himself, Grant Walker and Roman Zugarazo about their new release. I was also lucky enough to be one of the first to here the album. I couldn’t wait to share with readers what we talked about and review the album.
CB: How long did it take to make Party Like Its Prom Night?

HTH: A long time, hah!  We started demoing songs for the EP last January.
Out of twelve songs we demo'd in early January only one (To Yesterday)
made the final EP and it has changed quite from the original version.
Grant and I then took to just sitting down and writing with an
acoustic guitar and after a couple months of writing, we (along with
our producer) were happy with the songs.  We started tracking in June
and finished everything right before our September tour.  From there
it took a few months to mix/master etc.  Then we had to get artwork
done which we did this January.  Seems like a long time but it was a
learning process and we're pretty happy with what we came up with!

CB: Are there any tracks that didn't make the EP?

HTH: There are a lot of tracks that didn't make the EP haha.  Some of our
earlier fans might know what they are.  Songs like "That's What She
Said", "Our Time", "Over You".  There are probably more than 20 though
that we've demo'd and never played live.

CB: How would you describe the EP?

HTH: Poppy, catchy, fun.  Considering there are only five songs (six if
you include the acoustic version of  "Unbelievable") I think there is
a fair bit of variety.

CB: What can fans expect next?

HTH: More tours, a music video, cover videos.  We're hoping to expand our
touring base and hit some new cities in the next 6-10 months.

CB: How can fans reach you and/or help you?

HTH: Probably the best way to reach us is send a tweet to @halfwaytoholly
on twitter!  We talk to everyone who talks to us.  As far as helping
us goes... spread the word and buy merch if you can afford it!  We
don't make much money doing this and we are 100% so we have no label
support.  Every dollar spent on producing music, fixing our van,
fixing our gear has to come from us directly.

CB: How does it feel to finally get a finished EP out to the world?

HTH: Feels great! :p

CB: Where did you record the EP?

HTH: We recorded out in Langley with Danny Craig at his home studio!

 Danny is the man, so probably him on the next EP but Grant and I are
 huge fans of the Friday Night Boys and Andrew Goldstein is doing a lot
 of production work now, so that's one guy for sure!

CB: Anything else you would like to share?

HTH: Keep checking our facebook/twitter/instagram!  In addition to the EP
being out Friday we are making a tour announcement *very* soon!  Hope
to see everyone out there on the road!


I have to begin by saying how impressed by this album I am. Halfway to Hollywood has created an album that speaks to listeners. Five different tracks that are upbeat and fun. More often than not music can affect the listener’s mood and in some cases even encourage certain behaviours. Party Like its Prom Night has everything good to offer. What I am most happy about is the encouragement that can be found in lyrics such as “Somebody To Someone” and Unbelievable.
Recently I posted on facebook that I wish I had written the line “You’re just like a love scene, straight off the big screen.” This is from the chorus of “Unbelievable and I LOVE this lyric. I don’t know a girl out there who wouldn’t love hearing something like this being said about them.
Earlier in the week it was Pink Shirt day. A day dedicated to standing up to bullies. When I heard “Somebody To Someone” tears were brought to my eyes. I couldn’t think of a better song to help teens and adults alike get through the tough times. It reaches in to your very core and helps lift you up. This song reminds listeners that they are worth something.
The remaining tracks on the alum are just as amazing. “Party Like Its Prom Night”, “Green Lights”, and “To Yesterday” are great songs to dance, have fun to and just blast as loud as you can. I have focused on the lyrics on this album because they are eloquently written, but the music is just as amazing. There is a slight electronic feels to some of the songs but not enough to mask the talent of Grant, Brenden and Roman’s musical skills. There’s great beats, amazing riffs and everything you would want on a pop album. Adding an acoustic version of “Unbelievable” was a great way to close off their fist EP. Congrats boys you have created something special here.  

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