Thursday, January 24, 2013

For One More Day - Something New

For One More Day is a popular band from Calgary and after a year together they have definitely made a name for themselves. With a popular release of By You Side and numerous live shows, local music lovers are getting to know these five young men. I had the opportunity to chat with three of the boys and they filled me in on what’s happening in 2013 and it’s exciting.  Chase Myles (drums), Jordan Rumrill (guitar) and Matt Aaron (Guitar) were hanging out at the Calgary Amp Radio Rockstar contest in January 2013 when they told me “We are taking a big curve ball right now. We used to play pop/rock. Coming up we will be going in another direction. More of a harder sound, we should have a song out by spring” say drummer Chase Myles. “We are breaking away from our old stuff” explained Matt Aaron. Lead singer Tanner Forbes and bassist Jeremy Richardson were not at this event, but are also great guys that I have had the pleasure of meeting in the past.

They boys have been working with some friends to perfect their new sound and have a show coming up on March 1 at the Fall City Fall album release party.  This will be a opportunity to show fans their new sound. In music there is no in between when you want to take your music further than the local music scene. To get signed or get radio play musicians must choose one sound. Bands like Marianas Trench experienced this with their debut album “Fix Me” The music was too pop for rock and to rock for pop. Since then we have seen a consistent move into the pop genre. Bands like For One More Day are learning this early in their music careers and making the choice a lot sooner.

This is a fun bunch of guys, they like to goof around and before the interview they did a little workout. Goofing around they three did chin ups on the beam of the room we were in and after the interview Chase helped keep a few girls warm by making a human sandwich. Earlier in the evening they were enjoying the show where bands such as Hey Bombshell and Makeshift Innocence played. For One More Day, are not only talented, but they are hard working down to earth guys that appreciate every opportunity the come by. Keep your eyes peeled for this band and expect some great and exciting things to come in 2013.

For One More Day is planning on hitting the studio this year and hope that you will join them for the ride. With nightly practices, live shows and experienced writers and producers behind them, For One More Day is soon to become a heavy hitter in the music industry. You can check them out on Twitter @41moredayband and face book at  

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