Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meet Half Hearted Hopes

A few months ago I met a young man named Will in line at a Marianas Trench concert. We started talking and he told me about his band, Half Hearted Hopes. This week I had the pleasure of meeting the rest of his band and we had a little chat after their show at The New Black Center in Calgary.
Lead singer Will on stage at The New Black 
Charlotte: Can you all introduce yourselves?
HHH: I’m Will and I’m the singer. I’m Nick and I play Guitar. I’m Jacob and I play guitar. I’m Doug and I play the drums.
Charlotte: Ok and who’s the one that ditched us?
HHH: That’s James, he plays base.
Charlotte: How long have you guys been together?
HHH: As this group only about a month and a half.
Charlotte: How long have you been playing for?
HHH: (Will) I started singing when I was about 5 and playing guitar in grade 7. I just got a keyboard for Christmas.
Charlotte: Are you teaching yourself?
HHH: (Will) Yeah
James on Bass
HHH: (Nick) I started playing guitar when I was 10. (Jacob) I just started playing guitar a few months ago. (Doug) I started playing young because my brother also plays drums. (Will) You have a brother?
Charlotte: So how old are you guys?
HHH: (Nick) I just turned 18. (Will) I’m actually 55, I’m 17 J. (Jacob) I’m 16. (Doug) I’m 18 in nine days. (Jacob) I’m 16.
Charlotte: And how old is James?
HHH: He’s 17, we think.
Charlotte: What can you tell us about your music and why should people listen to you?
Jacob enjoying playing to the crowd
HHH: We work hard, we practice a lot and are all dedicated. Our goal is to get signed, but most of all we want to write music that relates to people. We don’t want to be a band that sells out.  We want to write songs with meaning.
Charlotte: What are your musical inspirations?
Doug  on skins
HHH: Marianas Trench, A Day To Remember, All Time Low. We don’t want to be to heavy and we don’t want to be to poppy. We try to make a good mix of the two but for the most part we just play what we think sounds good.
Charlotte: You hope to get signed, but how do you plan on doing that?
HHH: Right now we are just playing, but we are learning how to market. We are working on a EP at the end of this month and then will start to send it out. You have to start small and quality over quantity is important. We want to try to keep the passion.

Nick working a riff
After the interview the boys and I had a great chat, they asked my advice and listened to everything I had to say. The following day they created a twitter account, so make sure you follow the @HalfHeartedHope and also check out their Face Book page.
Half Hearted Hopes has only played two shows as this group, but are working hard at making a name for themselves. The crowd enjoyed their set and Michael the promoter at the New Black was ready to book them for upcoming shows. HHH is a new band to the Calgary music scene, but they have the drive and the passion it takes to succeed. They are well on their way to gaining the experience needed and are only going to get better with time. Make sure to keep an eye out for the five boys that make up Half Hearted Hopes.
Half Hearted Hopes (Minus James)

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