Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey Bombshell - A Band On The Rise

Since 2010 Calgary Band For The Weekend has been taking over the music scene, they became the $200,000 winners of the Amp Rockstar contest, played the Coke Stage at the Calgary Stampede and their song “Rockstar” became the most requested song on Calgary radio. Much Music also featured Hey Bomshell on the show Discovered in 2011. Now 2013 For The Weekend has become Hey Bombshell, they are signed to XOXO Entertainment a division of Universal Music and have not one, but three videos in heavy rotation on Much Music and working with leaders in the music industry such as Adam Hurstfield. During the 2012 MMVA’s their song “The Single Life” provided the background music for the entire show.  It seems that the guys of this band are well are their way.

Still living and working in Calgary Alberta, Myles, Colton, Jay and Dennis travel between Calgary and Vancouver to complete their soon to be released album and making videos. Most recently Hey Bombshell opened the final Amp Rockstar show where another lucky musician was awarded the grand prize to further their musical career. During their set, I was able to meet Jay’s parents and Colton’s mother who were all very proud to watch the success their son’s are upon. When I asked them how it felt to see how far their boys have come all three parents responded the same.  “It’s very surreal, we are so proud of them but glad to see them staying grounded. They are very down to earth guys and it’s nice to see them stay the same.”  Now this was paraphrasing, but the Hey Bombshell family is defiantly proud of their boys and even more proud that they are staying true to themselves.

After their performance I was able to talk to the boys a little. We did lose Dennis and Jay in the crowd, but Myles, Colton and Matt Aaron who played bass for the show had a good chat with me. We discussed what is coming up for them in the future, and they promised to be hitting the road soon. They don`t have a release date for the already completed album, but hope to share it with all of us soon.

Make sure you check out their website,  Facebook and Twitter. You can download their music on iTunes now. I think we are going to be hearing a lot from the boys of Hey Bombshell as they continue to rise up the charts and take over the Canadian Music scene followed by the International scene. To see my video interview with the boys check out and watch on our YouTube channel as it will be up shortly. Thanks again to Myles, Colton and Matt for chatting with me and I can`t wait to see what 2013 brings for you.

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