Monday, November 5, 2012

Marianas Trench – Face The Music Show Review

Canadian power pop band Marianas Trench just wrapped their first nationwide headlining arena tour and if you missed it I have all the details for you here.  
October 12, 2012 the boys of Marianas Trench, Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Ian Casselman and Mike Ayley started one of the biggest adventures of their career thus far and Face The Music came to life for fans across the country. Joining them were special guest Down With Webster and others like Anami Vice and his special guest Kevvy. The final show of the tour was the first weekend of November in Victoira which brought them back to their Vancouver home.
Marianas Trench released their latest album Ever After last November and right from the start it was a concept album that drew fans in to the magical fairytale. Face The Music allowed the band to bring it to life for fans.
I attended the October 25 show in Calgary, Alberta along with 7 others. After waiting there for hours the doors finally opened and we rushed in to claim our general admission spots on the floor. Standing about three people deep from the stage the excited began to take over. The lights went out and music started, Anami Vice and Kevvy ran on to the stage and tear it up, I mean they are the best opening act I have ever seen at a show. Anami rap style is catchy and when the two of them did a mini choreographed dance the fans went nuts. The only time thousands of girls screamed louder during this set was when Anami took his shirt off. I have to admit I was pretty impressed too. I mean what better way to get a crowd going then to show off a perfectly ripped abdomen that obviously has zero body fat. That man was FINE and one hell of a performer too.
Next Down With Webster took the stage and things got crazy. Fans began pushing and jumping. Let’s just say it got a little hot in there. They put on one hell of a show and got the crowd ready for Marianas Trench to blow it out of the park. I think every person in the arena loved it when the DWW drummer did a cover of Gangman Style and the rest of the band danced across the stage. They put on a great show with a tight sound and I’m guessing they secured some fans they didn’t have prior to the show. This is one group that knows how to do things live. Later in the night they hosted an after party at a local venue, talk about good times.
Now it was time for Marianas Trench to rock Calgary, the lights dim again and the crowd goes nuts. I large screen behind the stage lights up and Josh lying on the ground from the video of Fall Out. A small clip plays a reference to the story behind Ever After. Throughout the show clips involving Josh, Princess Carolina, Porcelain and the stuttering man play, bringing the Ever After concept to life. The music starts and Josh appears from a box in front of the screen. Dressed in a shiny green suit he took flight above the crowd singing Ever After.
As the show continues the excitement rises. Marianas Trench has exceeded all expectations with help from set designers of Cirque de Sol. Two ramps lead down from the main stage; bring the performers deeper into the crowd. Nothing can bring them closer then Josh jumping into the crowd and running into the stands of either side of the stage, all while singing hits from their sophomore album Masterpiece Theatre. Nearing the end of the show Josh also crowds surfs through the fans. Everyone on the floor pushed trying to touch the music man wearing a white tank and tight blue pants. Security held on to his feet making sure he wouldn’t get mauled in the crowd. Once back on stage he announces he has never been so violated. Teens in the crowd grabbed at every inch of him, and I have to admit I kinda molested his shoulder myself. As he got pulled back by the security team he sat on a smaller teen’s head that was in the front row. Funny thing is she is my daughter and it has become a running joke in our house. 
I think the most talked about part of the show is when Matt, Mike and Ian came out to stage at the front of the stage only to rip their pants of moments later. They then proceeded to play Desperate Measures in only their underwear and a dress shirt. Josh came out dancing and shaking his butt around in matching tighty whities and dress shirt. This is a huge play on the Tom Cruise movie Risky Business and also part of the video for the song. This was a very bold and brave move for the band and very well received by concerts goers. In another interview the boys admitted to double bagging it and wearing 2 sets of white shorts. I guess the sweat from the hot stage lights can make those things see through.   
During one part of the show Josh can out by himself and a piano treating the audience to a song near and dear to his heart, Love Dearest. He has openly admitted this song is difficult for him to perform because of the history and emotion behind it. The fans loved hearing it live and it was delivered with sheer perfection. After a few songs the band joined him again to close the show and took their final bow.
Marianas Trench out did themselves with Face The Music. It was entertaining, engaging and brought so much to the table. This will be a difficult tour to top, but as a long time fan I know they will once again exceed all expectations.  If you haven’t seen this band live, you need to get on it as soon as they hit the road again. No one puts on a better live show. The harmonies, instrumental solos and Josh’s pitch perfect voice are second to none.
          On behalf of fans new and old, thank you for sharing your vision with us and allowing us to be a part of this memorable experience. Everything was perfect right down to the opening artists on the bill. Although this tour just ended I look forward to seeing what is up Marianas Trench’s sleeves for the next show. Marianas Trench is going to be hitting new highs, gain new fans and impressing old fans. Watch out world, this has been the year of the Trench, but it’s not going to stop any time soon. I suspect the rest of the world will be seeing so much more of these four friends from Vancouver. 

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