Friday, November 30, 2012

Introducing Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine was created by Run Romeo Run members Chad McMonagle and Elijah Budwill. The two talented musicians decided to break away from their pop-rock sound and move to full on pop. This has been an excited move for the duo. Combining their talents, Chad composed the music and the two worked their magic together for the lyrics. In addition to Chad and Elijah’s writing skills their first single “Over and Out” was produced by Colton Peters from Hey Bombshell, on quarter of Canada’s hot new boy band.  The three have managed to create a real dance feel to Cloud Nine’s first single. Because of their combined knowledge they were able to add strong harmonies and guitar to give it a more musical dance feel rather than filling “Over and Out” with straight digital mixes.

Chad McMonagle first became heavily involved in the Calgary music scene at the age of thirteen. By fourteen he joined Run Romeo Run and began touring western Canada and at fifteen composed his first pop-punk single “Lockdown”. Chad has the talent and the knowledge to have a promising future in the international music scene. His ability to compose, write and perform will have fans and the music industry talking about him for years to come.

Elijah Budwill has experience in performing all kinds of music. The years he spent at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York gave him knowledge and experience in performing. Elijah went on to star in the hit musical “Bye Bye Birdy”, landing the lead role of Conrad Birdy. After his tour across Canada and The United States he went on to star in the world famous musical “Oklahoma” before joining Run Romeo Run as lead singer.

First single Over & Out releases New Years day 2013

Together Chad and Elijah have created something special in Cloud Nine and will soon be topping the charts around the world. The exciting sound, catchy lyrics will have people hitting the dance floor and screaming for more. 

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Just so you can hear their amazing talent for yourself, Cloud Nine has released a small teaser. Get excited because you are about to get hooked on Cloud Nine.

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