Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting To Know Kevvy

Kevin James Maher is known to most as Kevvy Mental or Kevvy is a talented singer/songwriter from Vancouver BC and signed to 604 records. Kevvy recently joined AnamiVice on tour with Marianas Trench. I was lucky enough to sit down with Kevvy the night before the show in Calgary and want to share our conversation with you. Kevvy is an amazing man full of talent and if you haven’t heard about him yet, you must be hiding from the world.
Aside from being the lead singer of Fake Shark Real Zombie, Kevvy writes, produces and has his hands in everything in the music industry. If you don’t know him you may know Carly Rae Jepsen who he has written and produced for. He is also most likely the nicest man I have ever met. Kevvy is kind, polite and down to earth. Just like most of us he is working hard to live out his dreams and make a mark in this world.
Here is a little of the interview we had, I hope you enjoy getting to know more about the great talent Canada has and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter (@Kevvy), check out his band Fake Shark Real Zombie, buy their new single Girls  and say hi.
Charlotte: “Hi Kevvy, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?”
Kevvy: “I sing in a band called Fake Shark Real Zombie and I also produce music and write music for people. Some of those artists are Matt Webb from Marianas Trench, Down With Webster and Carly Rae Jepsen on her new album Kiss.”
Charlotte: “Out of those people, who is your favorite to work with so far?”
Kevvy: “I think the fastest, quickest most magical person to write with is Carly, because she is like a hook machine. It’s really easy and inspiring.”
Charlotte: “Is there anyone you wish you could work with?”
Kevvy: “I wanna work with Lady Gaga. I love what I do so it is pretty endless.”
Charlotte: “What is next for Kevvy?”
Kevvy: “I fly to L.A. to do the next video for Fake Shark Real Zombie single which is called Get Weird. We just released on called Girls a little under a month ago. When I get back I’m finishing up Jessica Lee’s album.”
Charlotte: “You kinda have your foot in... or hand in every cookie jar so to speak.”
Kevvy: “Yeah it’s cool I can’t say no to a cool stuff.”
Charlotte: “When can we hear more from you?”
Kevvy: “The full album comes out on Valentines day.”
Charlotte: “Do you have a title for it?’
Kevvy: “Yeah it’s called Liar. There’s lots of guests and surprises on the album.”
To hear more from my interview with Kevvy make sure to check out www.radionation.ca where the full interview will be aired and posted shortly. Thanks so much to Kevvy for sitting down with me, I had so much fun. Make sure to check out Kevvy on all the interwebs, he is so cool and kind. He also loves getting fan made friendship bracelets and wears them until the fall off. So if you want to see your in a video, make sure to send him one at Light Organ records, 101 – 1001 West Broadway, Unit 182, Vancouver, BC, V6H 4E4. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and don’t forget to follow his band Fake Shark Real Zombie.

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  1. Musicians amaze me. Talk about being multiply talented!