Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fighting For Ithaca LIP TOUR 2012

not all dates are listed, please check www.faberdrive.come for an updated list

Fighting For Ithaca a Vancouver based band, just embarked on their biggest journey of their musical career thus far. Hot off the recent release of their First EP through 604 records they joined The Lost In Paradise tour with Victoria Duffield and Faber Drive. The LIP TOUR 2012 takes the boys across Canada for six weeks Starting in Nanimo, British Columbia on November 11 and ending in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia on December 22. Tickets information for upcoming shows on this tour can be found at www.faberdrive.com.

With the lights down and a back track playing to pump the crowd up, Phil Maloney takes a seat and begins to bang out a beat on his drum kit. Tommy Phoenix enters the stage bringing his bass to life, followed by guitar players Jonny Steeksma and Adamm Mountstevens. The four break out into the new EP “TO THE RESCUE” lead track "Black and White" and are joined by the charismatic Curtis Steeskma their lead vocalist. Fans were ready to party and enjoy this energetic set.

Fighting For Ithaca put on an entertaining and engaging performance including several songs from their new album such as "Wasted Nights", "Stay The Same" and "Last Chance". A fan favorite from last year was also included in their set (I won’t ruin the surprise and tell you which song), making the crowd go nuts. They also did a cover of Taylor Swift’s "We Are Never Getting Back Together", with a little more rock tones and a slight adjustment changing one line to “some indie record much cooler than FFI”. This is a fun, high energy set and really gets the crowd going. Faber Drive could not have picked a better band to open their show with.

I’ve seen Fighting For Ithaca play live five times (three shows on this tour) and they just keep improving. The instrumentals are getting tighter, vocals are coming closer to perfection and the overall energy of their show is increasing. Each member of Fighting For Ithaca knows how to perform to a crowd, big or small and demand attention while they’re on stage.

This is a band will want to see because they are headed for great things in the Canadian and International music scene. What makes them even better is how much they interact with their fans. So make sure to follow them on all social media outlets. If you can catch a show and during this tour they will be rocking out in the crowd to Victoria Duffield and Faber Drive, right next to all the fans. Before and after their performance the band members are also around selling merchandise, signing autographs, taking pictures and giving out hugs, so make sure you go collect.   

Overall you are going to fall in love with Fighting For Ithaca. They know how to put on an amazing show, engage their fans and just have fun. Bottom line is, check out a show, get their CD and join the proud fan base of Ithacan’s.  

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