Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Faber Drive Lost In Paradise 2012

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Faber Drive is a Quartet band from Vancouver, BC that is signed to 604 records. They have been heavy in the music scene for years not only with heavy airplay on the radio, but also get lots of video play too. Currently they are headlining a cross Canada tour featuring Victoria Duffield and Fighting For Ithaca. On top of that every show also features a local band. Personally I think this is a great touch to bring some attention to local musicians.

This was my first time seeing Faber Drive live and I loved every minute of it. The band consists of Dave Faber as lead vocalist and guitar, Krikit Liddle on bass, keyboards, synths and background vocals, Jordan Pritchett is the lead guitarist and vocals and on drums was Seamus O’Neill. From the moment they stepped foot on stage they rocked the crowd. Through various interactions were learned more about them, which made concert goers feel even closer to each member.

After telling fans how much they enjoy 80’s music they broke in to a cover of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” performed by Jordan (JP). Fans old and new were able to enjoy songs from their albums "Seven Second Surgery" as well as their newest release "Lost In Paradise". There is no way you can watch this show and not “Get Up And Dance”.  

Seamus is new to Faber Drive and despite being the newest member and still very young, he has some mad skills on the skins. He is one of the most talented drummers I have ever seen live. JP also showed off his talent with some amazing guitar solos and a harmonic voice that can also kill lead vocals when given the chance. Meanwhile the multi talented Krikit worked like a mad man between all his instruments and still performing to the crowd with full force. Now of course Dave also known just as Faber plays right into the crowd. He is the front man and keeps the energy of the room on full during the entire show.

Faber Drive has catchy lyrics and tunes, songs that touch right down to your soul and some that even take your breath away. I experienced this and so much more during their performance. Normally I’m not a fan of slower songs or ballads, but my opinion has changed. The delivery Faber Drive gave during the songs "Lost In Paradise" and "Too Little too Late" have now made them two of my favorite songs. Audience members pulled out cell phone and lighters to light the venue and help create the perfect atmosphere for these songs.          
During their set Victoria Duffield joined them on stage to sing a beautiful duet cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together”. The last song, a popular crowd favorite  "Get Up And Dance" not only have the crowd hoping, but the members from Fighting For Ithaca And Victoria Duffield and dancer joined the boys on stage to party rock to it with them. Phil from FFI even has a surprise at this point for his fans. Thus closing the show on a high and excited note and leaving concert goers to go again.

Week one of LIPtour2012 is over, but there’s still five weeks left to catch it pending that you live in eastern Canada. For more information on Faber Drive and their tour dates go to   

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