Embrace Series Giveaways and Special Offer

It has been a while since my last blog post, but so much has been happening andi would love to share it all with you.

Immortal Embrace has been out in the world for nearly a year now and what a ride it has been. Being that it was my first novel and I was a unknown author I am amazing at the fan base I have. Thank you so much to all of you that have believed in me and even brought Immortal Embrace to best selling status earlier this year.

I love offering things to my readers and for the anniversary of Immortal |Embrace I have a few great things to offer you all. First off on my face book page I have an admin running some amazing giveaways for me. Every Monday she will post about how to win and every Friday she will pick the winner. Prizes include swag, jewelry and for the anniversary a big prize pack. So come join my page and make sure you subscribe to updates so you don't miss out.  https://www.facebook.com/CharlotteBlackwellAuthor

Next my publisher and I have decided to offer fans of the Embrace Series a great offer. SIGNED BOOKS! Normally you would pay about $15 plus shipping and taxes. Well we are offering the first three books of the series Immortal Embrace, Forbidden Embrace and Mystic Embrace for only $12 each all inclusive. This offer is world wide and the cost of shipping is included where ever you are. You will receive an autographed copy of  your choice of book. So not only are you saving about $3 per book, you are saving a ton on shipping costs. To take advantage of this special offer just email me at embraceseries@gmail.com with which books you would like to order. We accept paypal. But don't worry if you don't use paypal, we can work something out that works for you.

So giveaways, signed books and lots of fun is whats in store for the Embrace Series. Don't miss out, come and show your Embraced side.


  1. Love the Embrace series!! Thanks Charlotte


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