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Halfway To Hollywood - A Band To Remember

What do you get when you put four very hot, young and talented men together? Well you get one of my new favorite bands Halfway To Hollywood. One day on twitter I was followed by this new band, I decided to give them a listen and instantly fell in love and have been acting like a crazy teenager ever since. Halfway to Hollywood released their EP 'Speechless'  was released last spring and contains three amazing tacks. One being "Breakdown'. Breakdown has become a very important song to me. When I was struggling to finish writing my last novel this song pushed me through. I guess as artists we all want to touch and inspire people and that is exactly what these four amazing men have done for me. So Thank you to all of them. 

Now only one short year after Halfway To Hollywood formed, they are heading out on a mini tour of western Canada. I'[m lucky enough to already have my ticket to this exciting show and can't wait to meet them in person.Let's hope I can act my age for five minutes and not make a fool of myself. If you want to find more info on this mini tour check out their tour page on face book HERE. Now why don't I introduce you to the band that is like a fountain of youth and has turned me into a school girl all over age. 

Hi guys, thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed for my blog. I’m super excited and hope to have tons of fun.

Charlotte: Can you please start by introducing the band and telling us a little about each of you?
Grant: We’re Halfway to Hollywood!  I’m Grant and I sing and play guitar.  Brenden plays bass, Jake plays lead guitar and Roman plays drums.  Brenden, Jake and I grew up in Vancouver and Roman is from Mexico City.
Charlotte: What bands inspire you?
Grant: I would say anybody who puts their heart and soul into what they do inspires us.  We all come from pretty diverse musical backgrounds and between the four of us listen to just about everything.

Charlotte: How did you meet?
Grant: Brenden and I have been playing together in different bands since high school.  When we started HTH we recruited Roman and Jake off of craigslist.
Charlotte: Halfway to Hollywood is unsigned, what are you doing in an attempt to find a label?
Grant: Pretty much just doing everything we can to get our name and our music out there.  We’re big into connecting with our fans through social media, and having regular all-ages shows is definitely important to us.  Other than that we just spend as much time as we can writing and practicing together so we’ll be prepared when the right opportunity comes along. 
Charlotte: I see great things in your future and you are building a great fan base, I'm sure all your dreams will come true sooner than later
Charlotte: How have the fans changed you and your music?
Grant: I guess they've given us the drive to keep working at what we’re doing.  We’ve had such an overwhelmingly positive response so far that it’s important for us to feel like we’re giving something back, whether it’s writing music that people enjoy or putting on a great live show.  As individuals they’ve given us a lot too…I’ve made some great friends over the past year through reaching out to people on social media websites.
Charlotte: You are about to do a mini tour, how excited are you and where are you looking forward to the most?
Grant: Very excited!  We’re looking forward to finally hitting the road and connecting with some of our non-Vancouver fans face-to-face.  I don’t know if there’s a particular city I’m looking forward to visiting more than the others...there are so many cool people I’ve met through Twitter or Facebook from all over who I’m looking forward to hanging out with.  Not to mentional all the great bands we’ve been booked with.
 Charlotte: As I said before I can't wait till your concert. It's going to be a blast!

Charlotte: Where do you see Halfway to Hollywood in 5 years?
Grant: As long as we’re still playing music together I’ll be happy…but getting signed and making some money would be nice!

Charlotte: Okay now for some more info about you guys. What do each of you do when you’re not immersed in band related work? Do you go to school, have another job, or just have fun?
Grant: We all have pretty boring day jobs to pay the bills for now.  Brenden and I just finished up degrees at Simon Fraser University (in history and psychology, respectively) and Roman and Jake have certificates in recording and broadcast.  I guess we all come from pretty diverse backgrounds.  I like to think that’s part of what makes us interesting as a band. 

Charlotte: And the personal stuff, who’s single and who’s in a relationship?
Grant: No comment! ;)

Charlotte: For all the fan girls out there, would any of you consider dating a fan or have you?
Grant: I don’t see why not. 
Charlotte: I'm sorry I may have opened a whole new can of worms for you with these last two questions. But you heard it here girl..."Why not."

Charlotte: What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done?
Grant: For the most part our fans are pretty normal, chill people so I don’t have much weird stuff to report.  I’ve definitely had my share of creepy Twitter/Facebook messages though!
Charlotte: I get all my creepy messages on my space. I think we all get those, but when you're in the public eye it jumps up a notch or two. 

Charlotte:Advice for others trying to break into the business?
Grant: I’d say just hang in there.  It’s not going to happen overnight, but if you keep working hard you’ll eventually get somewhere.  You can do anything if you want it bad enough. 
Charlotte: I'm a big believer in following your dreams so I completely agree with you. It's a lot of hard work, but if you want it bad enough you can do what ever your heart desires. 
Charlotte: Okay here are a few rapid fire questions, answer with the first thought and have fun.

Fave song?
No way could I choose just one! 

Fave food?
Pizza, hands down. 

Eat in or Fast food?
Either, as long as it’s pizza!

Fave color?

Fave drink?
Blue Monster Energy…or maybe a nice cold beer!

Pet peeves?
People who stand on escalators and don’t leave room for you to walk by if you’re in a hurry.  Stand right, walk left people!

Blond or Brunette?
No preference. 

Boxers or Briefs?
Briefs…maybe boxers if I’m just lounging around the house.

What turns you on?
Brains and good taste in music.

What turns you off?
 Charlotte: That was fun. I am so with you on the escalator thing too. 

Charlotte: Where can fans purchase your music and merchandise?
Grant: All our songs are available on iTunes as well as bandcamp (  We’re also working on getting some CD’s pressed that we’ll be selling at shows.
Charlotte: I just order a couple shirts from your site. There's one on sale right now so if you want one get it now! Only $7.50 and they take paypal or credit card...super easy!
Charlotte: Where can fans find and connect with you?
Grant: On any of our social media sites, and more importantly at our shows!  We love talking to fans and meeting new people so don’t be afraid to come up and say ‘hi’!
Twitter: @halfwaytoholly
Charlotte: I'm so glad you followed me on twitter and introduced you to your music. Keep up the great work and know that your fans love connecting with you too, it means a lot that you take the time to do so. 

Charlotte: Thanks so much again, I hope you had fun.  
Now I want to share a video off youtube. This is Halfway To Hollywood singing an acoustic cover of 'One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful'. Which I think is even better than the original.

If you can't get enough Halfway To Holly wood here's another interview from the North Shore News you can check out. 

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