Monday, November 28, 2011

Ever After, Marianas Trench Review

Okay so this is a little new for me and my writing blog, but hey someone needs to write the music. Anyone that knows me knows that I love the Canadian band Marianas Trench. So I thought it would be cool to let you all in on why and how they were able to hook me even more.

Marianas Trench, from Vancouver has done it again. No wait they did it better. I don't thinks there's anything these four friends/bandmates can't pull off.

Ever After is the fourth album by Marianas Trench. It follows Marianas Trench (self tiltled), Fix Me and Masterpiece Theatre, which I thought would be hard to top. Front man Josh Ramsay who writes and composes all their music has done it. I've come to the conclusion that he is a music genius.Elvis was the King of Rock, Michael Jackson the King or Pop, and Josh Ramsay is the King of Pop/Rock. The best of both worlds meet in this mans brain and he provides us with nothing but musical pleasure.

Josh Ramsay has over come many struggles in his life and with the love and support of his family (also involved in the music scene) Josh has grown into a composer, lyricist, musician (I think he plays something like 8 different instruments), vocalist and band member. Along with his band mates Matt Webb and his amazing guitar riffs, Ian Casselman a master of the sticks, and Mike Ayley the bass man of it all, music history will be made.

I actually think that Ever After should have came with a warning, prepare for extreme fun, dancing and musical orgasm.Okay yeah that was my attempt at a funny, but seriously this is the best album I have ever heard. It is not very often that I like every song on a album, and even then I get sick of at least a few songs. Not this time. Ever After was created to listen right though, telling a story of the evil Queen Caroline that has taken over the kingdom and stolen the hearts of all within her toy factory. The CD booklet tells the story and you can see how each song relates. Every song is strong, stands on it's own but has a purpose in the story.

If you didn't know them before you will after this record, Ever After is proving Marianas Trench is here to stay. They have a sound like no other, but promises to join the ranks of bands like Green Day and more. This album has a more "Pop" feel to it than their previous ones, but by no means have they gone mainstream. They are just advancing their talents and raising the bar.The greatest part is there is no awkward silence wanting for the next song, each and every song blends perfectly together to form a fairy-tale ride you won't forget. 

Marianas Trench - Ever After 
Label: 604 Records
Released: November 21, 2011

1."Ever After"  6:34 The title track opens the album with a beautiful compilation of all the songs and begins the story. The vocals, instrumentation and delivery is flawless. Lead singer Josh Ramsay shows what a true vocalist can do, pushing his range to intriguing limits. The harmonies are like non I have heard before. You will be hooked right from the start.
2."Haven't Had Enough"  3:28 The lead single from the album has already proved to be a chart topper and the video is amazing. The bands performance is enticing and exciting. The beat will have you singing and dancing within seconds.
3."By Now"  4:14 
4."Truth or Dare"  3:49 Seriously I think Josh Ramsay has channeled the ghost of Michael Jackson in this song. If I didn't know I would have thought Truth or Dare was a previously unreleased MJ song. The talent of the band really shines through, and they make it fun as well.
5."Desperate Measures"  3:48 This song is going to win them awards, I can't even say enough about Desperate Measures. The beat has you bopping in your seat. Josh's vocals are flawless as are the lyrics. this song really spoke to me. The best part is Marianas trench has brought back the "Whoa, ooohhh, ohhhhh" and rhythmic claps. Drummer Ian Casselman does an amazing job and will have everyone air drumming.
6."Porcelain"  4:02 A beautiful ballad, enough said.
7."Fallout"  4:14 The second single has been getting amazing response for listeners. Here in Calgary, 95% of listeners approve of this track. It has a natural sound and with be another chart topper for the band.
8."Stutter"  3:21 I really lover this song, Josh brought in friends and family to assist with background vocals and it just has a fun feel to it. The scat like quality of Josh's vocals proves his talent is real. It has a indescribable feel and will sky rocket the band to Diamond success.
9."Toy Soldiers"  4:10 This catchy tune will have you singing it's chorus for the rest of the week
10."B Team"  3:51 Get ready to bop to the beat, this track shows the band is not ready to conform to the traditional "Pop" genre, but give you a whole new take on it.
11."So Soon"  5:50
12."No Place Like Home"  6:41 The final track wraps the album up in a neat little bow, proving that you can write an entire album with meaning that all ties together.
The entire album flows from one song to the next seamlessly. Marianas Trench has perfected the concept album and setting new standards for all musicians and prove that pure talent is a must and we won't accept anything less. Get ready for the next big thing, Ever After is well deserving of best album of the year, decade and even more.  The use of back ground vocals, harmonies, orchestra, makes Ever After a well rounded album that raises the bar for all those that follow.

Thank you to the band, Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Ian Casselman, and Mike Ayley for providing us with such a phenomenal piece of art. Also a big thanks to Amanda, whom Josh credits as his inspiration, keep it up girl we love what he is producing. I'm positive a a ton more Trenchers will be born from this album.

To see a few of their video's included the newest release "Haven't has Enough" check out youtube or the bottom of my blog.

So how did I do for my first music review? Did I do my favorite band justice? Let me know your thoughts, on the review, the band, the music. I love comments.


  1. I would guess you are a seasoned blogger about music CDs in particular, if you hadn't mentioned that this was your first about the topic. I think it showed true passion as someone who loves music, and especially the band. I really like the track breakdown and descriptions. You could almost hear the music without hearing it.

    I just discovered this band last year. So on my blog, I wrote about how they were my favorite musical find of 2011. Check it out if you have a chance -

  2. Thank Matt, I was really nervous about charting into new territory. I will be adding more music reviews into my blog from now on. I do have a passion for this band, they really inspire me and it is their cd's I listen to while writing my novels. Through them I have found many more artists that I have fallen in love with too.

    I'm gonna head over and check out you blog right now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm surprised that you had no comment on my two favorite songs from the album, especially given By Now's R&B feel. Not typical for Josh Ramsay, but as always, his soaring vocal style lends itself to anything. By Now is an ambitious vocal work of art - even Josh has admitted that it was an ambitious track and would be hard to replicate live (as if, am I right? That man has an infallible voice).

    Other than that, your review is spot on. Ever After is an experience all it's own. A brilliant effort by a brilliant musician. Josh Ramsay does not get the recognition that he deserves - as a vocalist, writer, or musician.